Painting of Witzwil Prison (1741)


Witzwil Prison is a fortress in Zurich, Switzerland. For most of its history it has been used as a state prison for the Kings of Switzerland. The fortress was originally built to defend the northern approach to the city during a time of hostile relations with Kingdom of Wurttemberg. Intitial work on the fortress began in 1738 after Jozef Kohleschmied was appointed as Duke of Zurich. Then more construction began in 1749 since John Scruvycastle noticed recent dangers in this year due to assassins targeting high ranking officers and officials.

Arms Edit

The Witzwil Prison is now armed with cannon towers, chains that take away special powers of the inmates (if they have any powers), over 100-300 guards, Sapphire Constructs (Soldiers), interior wall cannons, spiked walls, spiked gates, a lava moat, prison cells that hang over deep pits, and 12 ft of solid concrete walls with a layer of steel in the fronts and backs.


  • Jack Daggerstealer - serving life sentence on account of Espionage, Treason, and Conspiracy and his role in the Swiss Civil War
  • Mathieu Venables - PARDONED BY PARLIAMENTARY VOTE; Released April/May 1749
  • Unidentified Man - Executed for attempted assassination on the Swiss Prime Minister
  • Lawerence Ironhawk - Transfered to Tower of London
  • Edmond Stark - Released
  • Rose Becket - 3-month Sentence; Expected Release Date: 01 | 13 | 1750 (Sentence Complete)
  • Richard Venables - Cleared of Charges