Kiev, Ukraine Province

June 18, 1749

Many of you know me, many of you don't. I was once a freedom fighter, but was severely injured by the imperialists nearly a year ago. I have spent the better part of the year recovering from my injuries, and contemplating life and where I have come with the Sarunu Order. In the course of my thoughts, I have continued to notice and ackowledge the evils of imperialism. Great Britain, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire. Imperialistic nations with one goal in mind; domination. To the people of the world: these men you have put in power, they're animals. They think nothing of you, nor your kin and have but one goal in mind, to consolidate their power and spread it around to increase the influence they have over the population. They have been corrupted by their power, and now believe themselves to be gods among humans. Are you going to let these monsters put us down? Together, we must rise, and make them understand how implausible this system is. 

Recently there has been a grand political battle over Ukraine, with promises of war flying out quicker than reason can be established. Russia is prepared to invade the Ukraine for control of Crimea, while the Ottoman Empire is prepared to declare martial law in protection of it's interests. Foreign troops, occupying Ukraine again, another shift in power. But not from opressor to the oppressed, from murderous regime, to foreign dictators. That is why I have dedicated the Sarunu to a new cause. Rather than continue our fight through attacks against imperialists in other countries, we have decided to fight imperialism through a new tactic.

Therefore, I officially announce the creation of the Free City of Kiev, governed fairly and equally by the Sarunu High Council, with myself as its Grandmaster and the Consul of the city.

Kiev will once again rise from the shadow of imperialism, and other nations will soon follow. The old way has become obsolete, and soon imperialism will be but a tiny little speck on our horizon. 

Signed truthfully, 

Ronald Cobens, Grandmaster of the Sarunu Order

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