Ronold Cobens

  • I live in Kiev
  • My occupation is Hetman of Kiev
  • I am The Grandmaster of the Sarunu
  • Ronold Cobens

    Kiev, Ukraine Province

    June 18, 1749

    Many of you know me, many of you don't. I was once a freedom fighter, but was severely injured by the imperialists nearly a year ago. I have spent the better part of the year recovering from my injuries, and contemplating life and where I have come with the Sarunu Order. In the course of my thoughts, I have continued to notice and ackowledge the evils of imperialism. Great Britain, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire. Imperialistic nations with one goal in mind; domination. To the people of the world: these men you have put in power, they're animals. They think nothing of you, nor your kin and have but one goal in mind, to consolidate their power and spread it around to increase th…

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