Lieutenant General Richard Venables

aka Xehanort D'Venables

  • My occupation is GIO Vice President, OZGio President
  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    Friends, Family and noble Kopf Alexander,

    I regret to inform you I have decided to stick to Britain, even if I am demoted, I shall prove to them my worth.

    I thank you all for your friendship and family, but I made a promise once to my mentor, Sir Matthew Blastshot, I promised, I would make him proud, that I would never give up and I won't. I will not run from this new challenge but rise to it. This is my chance to truely earn my promotions, not just have them Given to me to fill empty shoes, to actually prove myself.Thank you Kopf Alexander and Mathieu for your loyalty and friendship, but my path lies with Britain. I commit my life now to the Royal Navy, and my soul to the father of understanding, who I know shall guide my footsteps. 


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