It has been my intention for sometime to hold a end of the summer party to commemorate the various and eventful summer that we have all experienced. I have therefore decided to hold it this friday, in light of most people's return to schooling and other real life activities, which might affect the availability and presence of some. 

WHERE: Port Royal, Poderoso (meet a Swiss official at the docks to be led to the Ball itself)

WHEN: Friday, the 18th of August


The guest list for this exclusive event will comprise of some of the most notable people in the Community. 



  • King Alexander of the Swiss, Duke of Bern
  • Prince Richard Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva
  • Lord William Firewalker, Count of Vaud


  • King Ferdinand Clemente of Spain (Guest of Honor)
  • Prime Minister Lord Newcastle of Great Britain (Guest of Honor)
  • King Louis Phillipe I of France
  • King August III of Poland
  • President Finn Erdogan Hamm of Turkey
  • Empress Maria Theresa Bluefeather of Austria
  • Emperor Kwagar Ocata of Denmark
  • Queen Julia Grace Garate of Portugal
  • Queen Keira Kinover-Mar of Egypt
  • Samuel Darkwalker of Holland
  • Prince Ezequiel Clemente of Spain
  • Lord Joseph Grey of Great Britain
  • Lord Nathaniel Huntington of Great Britain
  • Sir John Firebreaker of Great Britain
  • Sir Maxamillon Phillip Beckett of Great Britain
  • Sir William Brawlmartin of Great Britain
  • Sir Jackson Stormrage of Great Britain
  • Sir Jason Blademorgan of Great Britain
  • Sir Andrew of Great Britain
  • Sir Jon Kroshbon of Denmark

This list is not final, and more may be added. People not on the list may also come, but they must be with one of those on the list, who are allowed a plus one. Please feel free to send me a message if you wish to be on the list. 

All Swiss Citizens are welcome to attend the Ball, and will be allowed to go and come as they please. The security detail shall be led by the Lord Commander of the Royal Guard, Sir Jason Mcskull along with his guardsmen, who are among the best in the world. 

I hope to make this a fun, and engaging event, and hope everyone enjoys their time there. 


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