13 January 1750

Koniz, Bern

In keeping with the policy I adopted a year ago, the term of our current Prime Minister, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, is coming to an end, and elections have been called officially for the third time in our nation's history. The Primary polls will open tonight, and the schedule for the elections will look like this:

  • Jan. 12: Polls open for the primaries.
  • Jan. 15: First debate between all candidates will occur.
  • Jan. 18: Primaries will end; General Election will begin between two leading candidates.
  • Jan. 22: Second debate between the two GA candidates.
  • Jan. 25: Polls will be closed and tallied.
  • Jan. 26: Inaguration Day, the winner will take office as Prime Minister.

All debates will be administered by General Antoin Herman.


  • Josef Kohleshmied - The second Prime Minister of Switzerland, Kohleshmied served as PM from his election in 1739, until he resigned in 1746. He has decided to return to politics at the behest of the King. Kohleshmied is currently the longest serving member of Switzerland alive, and second in history, only after William II/Tyler Kroshbon. Kohleshmied leads the Swiss People's Party, which has stated its purpose as "To uphold the rights of the common man and work towards the common good for Switzerland".
  • Jon Kroshbon - A second cousin to the King, Kroshbon has a deep history with Switzerland, and is one of the most notable politicians of the day. Kroshbon serves currently as General of the Swiss Army, although he has served multiple times as a high-ranking diplomant and envoy of the King.
  • Kamar Oros - A little known soldier, who was a childhood friend of Jon Kroshbon, Oros pledged his services to Switzerland a year ago, and has since risen to become General of the Artillery for Switzerland.
  • Giovanni de' Medici - An Italian noble, related to Duke Roberto de' Medici, the final Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany, as well as his son, Guglielmo de' Medici, who ceded the Republic of Lucca to Switzerland, Medici has a good track record with the Swiss, starting with becoming the Viceroy of Swiss Lucca, and rising up to become both Minister of State and Acting Prime Minister during the War of Sardinian Succession. Giovanni is noted for his command of the army during the Battle of Nice, which was the last major engagement of the War of Sardinian Succession.


Sock-puppets are prohibited from voting, and candidates may not vote for themselves. Voting is regulated by the SIA.


Cast your vote for your selected candidate.

The poll was created at 09:26 on January 13, 2017, and so far 18 people voted.

General Election

Cast your vote for your selected candidate.

The poll was created at 02:22 on January 19, 2017, and so far 12 people voted.

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