The House of Kroshbon do hereby invite the following to the Marriage of His Majesty, Alexander I, King of the Swiss and Duke of Bern with Lady Maddison Machawk of Great Britain.

- His Majesty, King Ferdinand Clemente of Spain -

- His Majesty, King George II of Great Britain -

- Her Majesty, Queen Keira Kinover-Mar of Egypt -

- His Highness, Prince Richard Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva -

- His Highness, Prince Ezequiel Clemente of Spain -

- His Grace, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Duke of Zurich -

- His Grace, Lord Gustav Dreadre, Duke of Jura -

- His Grace, The Duke of Newcastle -

- His Excellency, Lord William Firewalker, Count of Vaud -

- The Right Honourable, the Earl Grey -

- The Right Honourable, the Earl of Portsmouth -

- The Honorable Sir William Brawlmartin -

- The Honorable Sir Jason Blademorgan -

- The Honorable Sir Maxamillon Beckett -

- The Honorable Sir Jackson Stormrage -

- Samuel Darkwalker -

- Sir Roger Swordflint -

- The Honorable Sir John Firebreaker -

- Lady Meghan Firekidd -

- The Honorable Roger Gunshot -

- Sir Nicholas Austin -

- Thomas Chipshot -

- Joe K -

- Daisy D'este Stormrage -

- Lady Coldfury -

- Sir Matthew O'Malley -

- Lady Darby -

The wedding shall consist of a private ceremony at an unspecified location, followed by a public reception at the Royal Mansion on Poderoso, Port Royal. Security shall be led by the Lord Commander of the Royal Guard, Sir Jason Mcskull, and will consist of several veteran bodyguards of the King.

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