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Good evening citizens of Switzerland,

Over the course of this weekend, I have come up to date with the happenings of this week. Unfortunately, there has been a grave betrayal that has left our government in half once again. As such I have dismissed the entire Cabinet effective immediately. Lord Kohleschmied has been given my approval to begin the formation of a new cabinet.

Through still unconfirmed means, the Spanish government managed to uncover a Swiss contingency plan that would have gone into effect should there come about a war with Denmark. It is believed that Prince Samuel Clemente, the Swiss Minister of State, who was on temporary leave helping new Spanish Premier Leonardo form a government, leaked this information to the Premier. It seems that the Spanish government, with the express approval and participation of the Spanish Premier, attempted to sabatoge Swiss foreign relations by leaking this top secret document directly to both the Danish government, in the hopes of provoking a war between the Swiss and Danish, as well as having distributed it publically in order to cripple Swiss Intelligence.

Due to these unprovoked and treacherous actions by the Spanish government, I have decided that it is in the best interests of this nation and its people to sever all relations with Spain as of now, and denounce the Government lead by Leonardo. I also hereby terminate any and all titles that Prince Samuel Clemente holds in Switzerland, and strip him of any honours he holds. I would nevertheless like to speak with King Ferdinand privately, to discuss with him my worries in regards to the new regime in Spain. 

I have spoken with Emperor Kwagar Ocata of Denmark, and our governments have dually vowed to seek to heal the rift between the Swiss and Danish, and look forward to the possibility of a potential new treaty of alliance between our states.

Lastly, I thank British Intelligence for working with both the Swiss and Danish governments in order to solve this issue as quickly as possible, before the fire could spread. Below I have provided screenshots of the proof of Samuel's deception, and Leonardo's attempt to undermine the Swiss government.

Regula Helvetia in tempore de desperatio.

With warmest regards,



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