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aka Alexander Kroshbon

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  • I live in Koniz, Kanton Bern, Switzerland
  • My occupation is King of Switzerland
  • I am Male
  • King Alexander I

    The Swiss Christmas Ball has been one of the most paramount and anticipated events over the course of the years, since I first declared the Restoration of the Swiss Monarchy in 1747. It has served as a gathering of the most influential members of our community, from Heads of State and Government, to decorated Generals and Admirals, to the Royalty of Europe.

    We look forward to receiving the elite of Europe as we have in the past.

    • WHEN: December 22, 1750 at 6 PM PST
    • WHERE: Governor's Mansion, Port Royal, Poderoso
    • HOST: His Majesty, King Alexander I and Her Highness, Queen Maddison I
    Event Coordination will be handled by the Queen, and her staff
    Dress formally, as screenshots of the event will be taken

    This event is an open event to which anyone, un…

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  • King Alexander I

    1 December 1750

    Koniz, Bern

    In keeping with the policy I adopted two years ago, the term of our current Prime Minister, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, is coming to an end, and elections have been called officially for the fourth time in our nation's history. The Primary polls will open in two days, on December 3rd, and the schedule for the elections will look like this:

    • Dec. 3: Polls open for the primaries.
    • Dec. 7: First Debate between all primary candidates will occur.
    • Dec. 14: Second Debate between all primary candidates will occur.
    • Dec. 15: Primaries will end; General Election will begin between two leading candidates.
    • Dec. 21: First General Election debate.
    • Dec. 28: Second General Election debate.
    • Jan. 2: Polls will be closed and tallied.
    • Jan. 3: Inag…
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  • King Alexander I

    The House of Kroshbon do hereby invite the following to the Marriage of His Majesty, Alexander I, King of the Swiss and Duke of Bern with Lady Maddison Machawk of Great Britain.

    - His Majesty, King Ferdinand Clemente of Spain -

    - His Majesty, King George II of Great Britain -

    - Her Majesty, Queen Keira Kinover-Mar of Egypt -

    - His Highness, Prince Richard Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva -

    - His Highness, Prince Ezequiel Clemente of Spain -

    - His Grace, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Duke of Zurich -

    - His Grace, Lord Gustav Dreadre, Duke of Jura -

    - His Grace, The Duke of Newcastle -

    - His Excellency, Lord William Firewalker, Count of Vaud -

    - The Right Honourable, the Earl Grey -

    - The Right Honourable, the Earl of Portsmouth -

    - The Honorable Sir William Brawl…

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  • King Alexander I

    Swiss Summer Ball

    August 15, 2017 by King Alexander I


    It has been my intention for sometime to hold a end of the summer party to commemorate the various and eventful summer that we have all experienced. I have therefore decided to hold it this friday, in light of most people's return to schooling and other real life activities, which might affect the availability and presence of some. 

    WHERE: Port Royal, Poderoso (meet a Swiss official at the docks to be led to the Ball itself)

    WHEN: Friday, the 18th of August

    TIME: 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST

    The guest list for this exclusive event will comprise of some of the most notable people in the Community. 

    • King Alexander of the Swiss, Duke of Bern
    • Prince Richard Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva
    • Lord William Firewalker, Count of Vaud

    • King Ferdinand Clemente of Sp…

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  • King Alexander I

    By decree of His Majesty, King Alexander the First, By the Grace of God, King of the Swiss and Duke of Bern, Lord Protector of its provinces, Archbishop of All Swiss and Bishop of Bern, Lord Marshal of the Armed Guard, and regally appointed Head of the Royal House of Kroshbon, a Cabinet reshuffle was ordered on the 9th of August 1750.

    A cabinet reshuffle had previously been ordered in March 1750, at the resignation of Prime Minister Jon Kroshbon, however, since then, the June Crisis, recreation of the Armed Guard, and several other factors have led for another reshuffle to be needed. 

    Since the June Crisis, most of the Cabinet positions were de facto left to the King and Prince Richard, however, the resurrgence of the Armed Guard, and the en…

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