King Alexander I

aka Alexander Kroshbon

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Koniz, Kanton Bern, Switzerland
  • My occupation is King of Switzerland
  • I am Male
  • King Alexander I

    Citizens of Switzerland, 

    As your King, it is my great honour to announce to you the establishment of a new age of Swiss dominance. As King of the Swiss, and as rightful Lord Marshal of the Armed Guard, I have issued a Royal Charter for the Armed Guard once more. After nearly six years of allowing the Armed Guard to dwindle into nothingness, it is time for the Swiss to return to its full extent. I present to you, citizens of Switzerland, the reformed Armed Guard. 

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  • King Alexander I

    On the occasion of the eleventh of July in the year of the Lord, seventeen-fifty, an agreement was reached between representatives of the Spanish Syndicate and those of the Swiss Guard. This agreement would layout the foundation for a peace agreement that would seek to aleviate the tensions brought upon by the "June Crisis". This agreement maintained that the Spanish-Swiss Trade Agreement of 1750 would, as now continue to remain both valid and in effect. Furthermore, this opened both the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of the Swiss to the possibility of future cooperation between the states, should each side maintain their promises made at the time of peace.

    The parties to the agreement were:

    The Kingdom of the Swiss (King Alexander I)

    The Spa…

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  • King Alexander I

    Good evening citizens of Switzerland,

    Over the course of this weekend, I have come up to date with the happenings of this week. Unfortunately, there has been a grave betrayal that has left our government in half once again. As such I have dismissed the entire Cabinet effective immediately. Lord Kohleschmied has been given my approval to begin the formation of a new cabinet.

    Through still unconfirmed means, the Spanish government managed to uncover a Swiss contingency plan that would have gone into effect should there come about a war with Denmark. It is believed that Prince Samuel Clemente, the Swiss Minister of State, who was on temporary leave helping new Spanish Premier Leonardo form a government, leaked this information to the Premier. I…

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  • King Alexander I

    13 January 1750

    Koniz, Bern

    In keeping with the policy I adopted a year ago, the term of our current Prime Minister, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, is coming to an end, and elections have been called officially for the third time in our nation's history. The Primary polls will open tonight, and the schedule for the elections will look like this:

    • Jan. 12: Polls open for the primaries.
    • Jan. 15: First debate between all candidates will occur.
    • Jan. 18: Primaries will end; General Election will begin between two leading candidates.
    • Jan. 22: Second debate between the two GA candidates.
    • Jan. 25: Polls will be closed and tallied.
    • Jan. 26: Inaguration Day, the winner will take office as Prime Minister.

    All debates will be administered by General Antoin Herman.

    • Jos…

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  • King Alexander I

    16 October 1749

    Castle Koniz, Bern, Switzerland

    Over the course of this last week, there has been a largely divided public on the outcome of the Beckett v. Venables case, which resulted in the conviction of Rose Beckett, Queen-Consort of Spain, sentenced to 3 months of imprisonment under the charges of battery and assault. Richard Venables, Statsminister of Denmark, was cleared of all charges based on lack of evidence.

    Though perhaps you may claim that given Lady Beckett's status, Lord Grey would have no right to pursue charges against his attackers, this is false. In Switzerland, if you commit a crime, such as attempted murder, you will be tried. Our Justice system is fair and absolute. Diplomatic immunity is of course given to members of gov…

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