Swiss Parliament Meeting - Summer 1749 (English)

My friends, peers, and associates, it has been nearly three years since the last time the Swiss Parliament had been called together to meet in Bern. Since then, much as happened, and there is much that needs to be discussed. That is why the King and I have decided that it is finally time to call upon all the members of the Swiss Parliament once more to discuss the future of our great nation. The exact date and time have not been specified yet. There are many things that we must decide upon, but we will discuss these matters in detail during the meeting.

  • Time - 6:00pm CST
  • Date - Sunday, June 26th

Required to be in attendence

  • His Majesty, King Alexander I, Duke of Bern
  • Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Prime Minister of Switzerland, Duke of Zurich, Chief Advisor to the King
  • Lord Jon Kroshbon, Head of the House of Lords, General of the Army, Count of Valais
  • Lord Rickard Venables, Duke of Jura, Vice Advisor to the King
  • Sir Rayne Kroshbon, Head of the House of Commons, Major General, Count of Solothorn
  • Sir Josef Grau, Kohle University Professor, Count of St. Gallen
  • Sir Edmond Stark, Minister of State
  • Sir Giovanni de' Medici, Viceroy of Lucca
  • Sir Willhelm Price, Royal Steward
  • Sir Wilhelm Keelspinner, Ambassador to Denmark-Norway



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