Parliament Meeting

Attention people of the Swiss.  I have recieved word TLOPO is going to expand their servers to the point where Beta keys may no longer be needed to get into to the game which means we can all play it together like the old days.  I hope this project suceeds since this was a very enjoyable game in my childhood at least and hope it was as enjoyable to the rest of you back then.  Me and the King hope to see you all at this meeting.  

Date and Time: 

  • Thursday, March 9th
  • Time: After 6:00 pm PST

Required to Attend

  • His Majesty, King Alexander I, Duke of Bern
  • Lord Jon Kroshbon, Prime Minister, Head of the House of Commons, Count of Valais
  • Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Minister of the Interior, Head of the House of Lords, Duke of Zurich, Chief Advisor to the King
  • Lord Josef Grau, Duke of Jura, Vice Advisor to the King
  • Kamar V Ortos, General of the Swiss
  • Sir Rayne Kroshbon, Major General, Count of Solothorn
  • Sir Giovanni de' Medici, Minister of Finance, Viceroy of Lucca
  • Sir Antoin Herman, Royal Steward



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