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    Attention people of the Swiss.  I have recieved word TLOPO is going to expand their servers to the point where Beta keys may no longer be needed to get into to the game which means we can all play it together like the old days.  I hope this project suceeds since this was a very enjoyable game in my childhood at least and hope it was as enjoyable to the rest of you back then.  Me and the King hope to see you all at this meeting.  

    • Thursday, March 9th
    • Time: After 6:00 pm PST

    • His Majesty, King Alexander I, Duke of Bern
    • Lord Jon Kroshbon, Prime Minister, Head of the House of Commons, Count of Valais
    • Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Minister of the Interior, Head of the House of Lords, Duke of Zurich, Chief Advisor to the King
    • Lord Josef Grau, Duke of Jura, …

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  • John Scurvycastle
    • Prime Minister- Sir Jon S. Kroshbon
    • Minister of State/Foreign Affairs- Sir Jon S. Kroshbon
    • Minister of Defense- Sir Jon S. Kroshbon
    • Minister of Finance- Giovanni de' Medici
    • Minister of Interior- Joseph CoalSmythe

    Keep in mind: As of this moment I will be flexible to the members of my cabinet if they want to trade roles with one another IF needed due to activity or other sorts of reasons that may come along the lines. Any changes that are wished to be made must be brought up to me or the King.

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  • John Scurvycastle

    Jon S. Kroshbon's Secondary Elections Speech of 1750

    Hello to all of you my fellow people.  As you all know I am General Jon Scurvycastle Kroshbon of the Swiss.  I know you will be asking, why should I be your prime minister? Well let me tell you, for years I have been loyal to the Swiss without question unless necessary.  I have solemnly sworn to myself to work hard and do everything in my power to insure the safety of, my people along with helping them out with what they need.  I have been around other countries as well and each of them have great leaders which I am grateful for.  I hope to work with these countries in the future and settle issues that may happen between them since I have skills of diplomacy along with help them in times …

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