The Swiss Revolution (1737)
Date July 9th, 1737 - July 29th, 1737
Location Switzerland
Result Rebel leaders arrested
SwitzerlandFlag Kingdom of Switzerland

Backed By

Gb1 Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

Flag of the Netherlands.svg United Provinces

600px-Romanian Army Flag - 1902 used model.svg Kingdom of Romania

221 Ottoman Empire

Swissrepublic1 Swiss Revolutionaries
Commanders and leaders
SwitzerlandFlag Matthieu I

SwitzerlandFlag Tylar Kroshbon

SwitzerlandFlag Christopher Ironshot

Swissrepublic1 Jozef Kohleschmied

Swissrepublic1 Antonio Reinzunden

Swissrepublic1 Tobias Tiechlatte

Swissrepublic1 Thaddeus Kreigadler

Swissrepublic1 Isaiah Ringenfalke

40,000 Infantry

50,000 Royalist Militia

20,000 Rebel Militiamen

15,000 Armed Citizens

5,000 Deserters

Casualties and losses
None none