The Old Royale Palace was the residence of the Royal Family of Switzerland, the Kroshbon Family (Crossbones), under King William II. It was built in late 1739, in Bern, Switzerland, and the family moved in October of that year. It had a broad range of security including the Alpen Guard's finest. In 1746, when William was nearing his death, he commissioned a new castle however, Schloss Köniz, which was left unattended to until King Alexander I ascended the throne in 1747. 


The FamilyEdit

The residents of the Palace were:

  • King William II (Until 1746)
  • Queen Lisa Seawinds (Until 1745)
  • Crown Prince Benjamin Kroshbon (Until 1746)
  • Crown Prince Alexander Kroshbon (Until 1747)
  • Prince Rickard Kroshbon (Until 1746)
  • Princess Rose Kroshbon (Until 1746)

Here are some photos: