The Great Council of 1750
The gathering of the three world leaders.
Date September 15, 1750
Location East India House, later Raven's Cove
Result The Kingdom of Great Britain, Kingdom of Spain, and Kingdom of the Swiss reaffirm their coalition and are joined by several other monarchs.
Commanders and leaders
SwitzerlandFlag King Alexander I

Gb1 Sir William Brawlmartin

Bandera de España 1701-1760.svg King Ferdinand IV

Gb1 Prime Minister Newcastle

221 Sultan Finn Hamm

Denmark-Flag-HD-Wallpapers-10-For-Desktop-Background.jpg Emperor Kwagar Ocata

Latest Queen Keira Kinover-Mar

"Call the banners" - King Alexander I

The Great Council of 1750 was a gathering of the leaders of the three world powers in roleplay, supported by several other monarchs to discuss the threats that had arisen and how to combat them. After an extremely eventful summer in which the Kingdom of the Swiss is restored to its former glory, the Kingdom of Spain restores its monarchy, and the British Empire solidifies itself as the most powerful entity in roleplay, and perhaps in TLOPO. After Spanish traitor, Guldan, ambushes an EITC company wedding, and Swiss Intelligence locate former Spanish Premier Leonardo Cortes and his right-hand-man, Baron Crossland, Sir William Brawlmartin and King Alexander, after a short meeting, resolve to call forth a meeting of the realms of TLOPO.

The meeting begins with the three world powers, Britain, Spain, and Switzerland, but is brought to an abrupt recess when the Swiss Intelligence Agency locates Premier Leonardo and King Alexander leads the Swiss Kingsguard and EITC Black Guard to take the former dictator into custody.

After Leonardo's escape, Brawlmartin and Alexander converge on Raven's Cove, where a Grand Council is called. Sultan Erdogan of the Ottoman Empire, Emperor Kwagar Ocata of Denmark, and Queen Keira Kinover-Mar of Tu'i Tonga attend along with King Ferdinand of Spain, Prime Minister Newcastle of Great Britain, and the hosts.

The leaders resolve not to go to war, but vow to defend eachother should any one nation be attacked by "The Vengeful Ones", a mercenary guild that held connections to former Spanish King, Phillipe V.