The Swiss People's Party (SPP) is a political party in Switzerland. The party was founded in 1737 by Josef Kohleschmied. The SPP lent its support to the Kohleschmied led government from his victory in the election of 1738 until his resignation in 1746. The SPP was the majority party again from 1749, when Lord Kohleschmied was made Prime Minister for the second time, until 1750, when he lost in the election to Swiss Progressive member, Sir Jon Kroshbon. The SPP returned to power only two months later, when Sir Kroshbon and his entire cabinet resigned, leaving the Progresive Party to seek a coalition government with the SPP. In August 1750, the Cabinet was reformed by order of the King and the Swiss Progressive Assembly was officially dissolved and its members removed from government.


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Swiss People's Party
Schweizerische Volkspartei
Leader Jozef Kohleschmied
Founded 16 September 1739
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Official newspaper Zurich Herald
Youth wing SPP Youth
Membership   ???
Official ideology/
political position
Centre-right to

Right wing

Official colour(s) Red, White

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