Swiss Invasion of Wurttemberg
М. Греков. Лейб-гвардии гренадерский полк в сражении при Бородине. 1913
Wurttemberg Infantry charging Swiss positions
Date March 20th, 1746 - March 30th, 1746
Location Duchy of Wurttemberg
Result Wurttemberg unconditionally surrenders

Switzerland annexes most of Wurttemberg

SwitzerlandFlag Kingdom of Switzerland Wurtt Duchy of Wurttemberg
Genoaflag1 Republic of Genoa
Commanders and leaders
SwitzerlandFlag King William I

SwitzerlandFlag Jozef Kohleschmied

SwitzerlandFlag Alexander Kroshbon

SwitzerlandFlag Blau Wolfe

SwitzerlandFlag Roger Warskull

Genoaflag1 Guiseppe Ermmano

Wurtt Duke Karl Eugen I
Units involved
30,000 Infantry

1,500 Alpen Guards 7,000 Jaegers 1,500 Dragoons

25,000 Infantry

5,000 Grenadiers 5,000 Hussars

Casualties and losses
7,500 Infantry

1,000 Jaegers

23 Alpen Guard

1 Dragoon

20,000 Infantry

5,000 Grenadiers



  • February 1743 - Wurttemberg cuts all ties with Switzerland
  • March 1743 - Hostilities between the two opposing governments soon leads to war, and Switzerland begins to mobilize its army in preparation to cross the border into Wurttermberg
  • March 1743 - Swiss troops under the command of Blau Wolfe cross Lake Constance and begin their march towards Stuttgart
  • March 1743 - Duke Karl Eugen intercepts the Swiss troops outside of Ravensburg, and a battle ensues, ending in the capture of the Duke
  • March 1743 - After defeating the Duke and his army, the Swiss continue on and siege the capital city of Stuttgart
  • March 1743 - The Duke of Wurttemberg agrees to unconditionally surrender and peace is declared

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