The Swiss Intelligence Agency, or the (SIA) is one of the most secretive and esteemed departments within our government.

General InformationEdit

Founded: 1743

Director-General: CLASSIFIED

Parent Office and Minister Responsible: Ministry of Interior, Rickard I


The (SIA) is responsible for carrying out investigations, assassinating targets, interrogating criminals, and being the secret-police of Switzerland. Not even the entire cabinet knows the identity of the Director-General, and only a select few within our borders have the priviledge of knowing this long kept secret. The (SIA) is funded and backed by the Ministry of Interior, as this is the most active ministry involving domestic affairs. Not only does the (SIA) handle domestic affairs, but it also is trusted with the responsibility of capturing international terrorists, and other threats to our government.

Ongoing InvestigationsEdit

Operation Oathbreaker

Operation Sting

~Our intelligence network is still gathering information. Please be patient!~