This page is used to list important members of Switzerland that have been noted for their contributions. 



Alec Nigel - He, along with Christopher Ironshot, served as a right-hand man of Tylar Kroshbon on Tylar's rise to power. He is noted for the establishment of the Swiss Trading Company, and King's Royal Bodyguard (now known as the Kingsguard). He died in late 1746 at the Battle of Moscow during the 1746 Russian Campaign. 

Alexander Kroshbon - Born September 24, 1717, Prince Alexander (born James Alexander Kroshbon) is the son of Tylar Kroshbon and Rose Macmorgan, during the two's affair in 1726. At a young age, he was shipped off with his mother to the Yucatan Peninsula to both, fufill the exile of his mother for betrayal to Switzerland, and avoid bad publicity about his father and the affair. At the age of 16, he begun attending the University of Zurich. He graduated in 1745, and became Crown Prince in 1746, until the throne was ultimately passed to his elder adopted brother. In 1747, after the Prussian Rebellion, and defeat of David I, he became Kopf of Switzerland, before reestablishing the monarchy, and declaring himself King Alexander I.


Blau Wolfe XIII - Born on February 13, 1701, Blau was born on the frontier. He lived in a richly decorated manor on the border between Switzerland and Austria. When he turned 5 he worked with his father, Blau XII, in his profession and learned some very valuable skills from him. He got his very own horse, known as Thunder, while he was exploring he found Lightning. This horse would be his very own special horse from then on. When he turned 8, he explored deeper into the Swiss lands, and recovered some very interesting artifacts. However, the Indians in the area did not like this so they attacked the Manor. They failed, and the Indians were retreating from the force of guns. When Blau met Squanto, a young Indian boy who also spoke German. Blau's relations with the Indians would change, he became friends with Squanto and became chief of a few Swiss Indian Tribes through him. The Manor would be converted into a town, with the Manor building being the Governor's Quarters (of course Blau and his family would always be the Governors). When the Austrian Indians attacked however, the town was in trouble. Although when the Austrians were beaten back, Blau was old enough to go live on his own. Blau, and his father, packed up and went to explore the Swiss Lands, and the new cities being built by Pearson Wright. Blau XII went back to the City where the Manor was, while Blau XIII would settle in a city called Sion. Blau XII would return with his family to live with his son at the manor, while the old one was moved right next to the new one. Today, the old Manor is preserved as a Museum, dedicated to Blau, and Blau would work as Prime Minister of the Swiss Confederacy of the 25 Cantons.

Benjamin Kroshbon - Benjamin was the adopted eldest son of Tylar. He served as Crowned Prince for several years, and was known to be the best fighter in Switzerland. He was disowned from the Royale Family, following the 1747 Crisis. 


Giorgio Clemente - Giorgio Clemente, or otherwise known as " George Sailward, " was the Crown Prince of Spain. In the year 1746, Giorgio led a rebellion in order to usurp Spain from his brother, Ferdinand IV. Four years after the failed rebellion, in 1750, Giorgio was appointed Minister of Defense and is now apart of King Alexander I's cabinet. He is seen as one of the pillars of the Swiss community, and protects Switzerland well.

Gustav Dreadre - Lord Gustav Dreadre was the Duke of Jura and a Lieutenant General in the Swiss military. As Duke of Jura, he had command over 30,000 Swiss soldiers. He has become known as one of Alexander's leading advisors, and his left hand. 

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Harold Kohleschmied - To be continued.

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Jason Mcskull - Lord Commander Jason Mcskull was the commander of the King's Royal Guard, Mcskull took a leading role in the recreation of the Armed Guard in summer of 1750. He was appointed by King Alexander as Lord Commander, a role which seemingly replaced the respective "Captain of the Guard" and "Royal Steward" roles and merged them.  Jon Kroshbon - The son of Gerard Kroshbon, Anthony Kroshbon's younger brother and the uncle of Tyler Kroshbon. He is the Head of the Swiss Parliament's House of Lords, and also Generalfeldmarshal of the Swiss Army and Count of Valais. 

Joseph Grey - A Welsh politician that serves as the Lord Speaker of the British Parliament, as well as a Professor at Kohle University. Grey currently holds the titles of Earl Grey, and Count of St. Gallen. 

Jozef Kohleschmied (b. 8 January 1698) also known as Joseph Coalsmythe, is a Swiss statesman and diplomat who is most famous for his time as Prime Minister of Switzerland (28 October 1739 - 16 May 1746, 29 May 1746 - 27 September 1746). He was also concurrently Duke of Zurich from 1738 to this day. He was the longest serving Prime Minister in the history of Switzerland and the only person to hold the office on two seperate occasions. In early 1746, Kohlesmhied was captured by Wurttembergian Guerilla soldiers, who Swiss officials believed were under the employ of the hostile Duke of Wurttemberg, Karl Eugen. This did not take lightly, and, on September 4, 1745, 10,000 Swiss Soldiers of the First Division of Swiss Infantry decended on the small Duchy. Within two days, it was over, and the first Viceroyalty of Switzerland was formed, under Viceroy Robert Obrecht. Kohleschmied was reinstated as Prime Minister after Blau Wolf XIII was found to be a rebel, but was later dismissed from court by the new King, David I. Kohleschmied also was a pioneer in Switzerland’s economy. In 1740, Kohleschmied founded CoalBlue Industries with fellow Swiss official, Blau Wolfe XIII. By January 1741, CoalBlue had gained a profit of over 60 Billion Swiss Franc. Kohleschmied & Wolfe then transformed CoalBlue into the “new” Swiss Trading Co.


  • Richard Kroshbon - The youngest son of Tylar, Prince Richard is the son of Tylar Kroshbon and Lisa Seawinds. He begun attending college at Cambridge University in 1743, and graduated in 1746. In late 1748, King Alexander asked him to return as the Prince of Geneva, the heir apparent. 


  • Samuel Clemente - Born on December 1st, 1721, Aladeen Diavolo is the only son of Eric Machawk, the esteemed British Admiral, and Sparky Whitewolf, Princess of Spain. Samuel grew up in the royal household and attended the University of Zurich. After the mass resignations of Jon Kroshbon's cabinet, he was given the position of Minister of State as well as Royal Steward of the House of Kroshbon in 1750, and was soon given the position as Head of the House of Commons. He has recently surged as Leader of the political party, The Swiss People's Assembly. After his betrayal of Switzerland in June 1750, he fled the nation for Spain and was sentenced to death in absentia. 


  • Tylar Kroshbon - Born on April 7, 1680, Tylar was orphaned as a young boy. His father was a Lord who became Governor an island in the Guines district. At the age of 12, Guines suffered a major earthquake that turned Tylar into Head of the Kroshbon Family, due to his fathers death. He lead the Armed Guard Legion with help of his Chief Advisor, Lieutenant John Scurvycastle. Together, they claimed the Swiss Cantons. Still to young to rule, his older brother, Ryan, was made King. Soon however, problems arouse, and Ryan abdicated the throne. Following this, the Kroshbon's lost power in Switzerland, and Matthew II came to power. Tylar became Head of Swiss Warfare and Matthew II's Chief Advisor. When Matthew II resigned from the throne, the Kroshbon's regained power and Tyler, now of age, became King. He died in 1746, and the throne passed to his adoptive son, David I.