Siege of Turin (1749)
Part of Swiss Invasion of Piedmont
Date 19 July, 1749
Location Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Result Swiss Victory over the Sardinian Garrison

Switzerland captures Turin and the surrounding area

900px-Savoyard flag.svg Kingdom of Sardinia SwitzerlandFlag Kingdom of the Swiss
Commanders and leaders
900px-Savoyard flag.svg King Ishmael Decksteel I SwitzerlandFlag Lord Jozef Kohleschmied
Units involved
40,308 (2,296 NTW) 26,314 (2,176 NTW)
Casualties and losses
24,973 (1,956 NTW) 15,646 (1,345 NTW)
Not to be confused with the Second Siege of Turin (1749)

The Siege of Turin was a major military engagement during the War of the Sardinian Succession, and was the first engagement of the Swiss Invasion of Piedmont. Swiss troops under the command of Lord Jozef Kohleschmied and General Jon Kroshbon were dispatched from Bern, and began by marching to Turin, the capital of Sardinia. While the Sardinian Army was in the east, engaging the Austrians, the Swiss managed to capture the Aosta Valley without conflict and moved towards Turin. King Ishmael Decksteel, upon hearing of the Swiss movements, immediately sent envoys to set the terms of battle with Lord Kohleschmied. He rallied what was left of the Sardinian Main Army after the Battle of Alessandria, and moved to join with the Turin Garrison.

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