The Duke's PalaceEdit

The Palace of Ruhestätte Schloss or The Resting Place was built in 1723 by King Matthew O'Malley as a summer palace, after he was succeeded by Tylar Kroshbon in 1740 it was left unattended until 1744 when the British General and close friend of the king, Richard Venables became the Lord Chancellor of Switzerland and was gifted the palace by King Kroshbon on January 19th, 1744. When Richard Venables burnt it down in a state of madness, the Diverti family moved the foundation out of Switzerland to a private residence owned by James Diverti... After the reformation of the Government, Duke Ironshot made this the Government of Jura's, for the Duke's residence and office while the Duke of Jura is in office. When Richard Venables returned to office as Duke of Jura he took back Schloss, he transformed into a beautiful mansion of art, taste and modern innovations, The grounds are guarded by the guardsmen regiments of the Rhine, The militia of Jura, and some retired members of the Alpen Guard ( The Duke's Own Bodyguards ) as well as Venables personal Guard the 76th Battalion of Anglo-Swiss Foot.The Palace is located on the road leading to Kroshbon Pointe, about a mile away, in Geneva. During the reign of King David I of Switzerland, the Palace fell into disrepair and was abandoned by it's staff. After Queen Genevieve took the throne of Switzerland, Richard Venables returned to the Schloss and made it his permenant home after his exile from Britain. He began to refurbish and restore the palace to it's former glory.

The Palace is reknowned for it's magnifienct gardens and grounds, they are some of the finest in all of Europe, rivaling that of the France and Russia's royal palaces.