Princess Rose Kroshbon

The official state portrait of Princess Rose

Princess of Geneva
22 May 1751 – present

Predecessor: Prince Ryan Kroshbon
King: King Alexander I Kroshbon

Minister of Administration
19 February 1751 – 22 May 1751

Predecessor: Sir William Firewalker

Personal details

Born: 8 November 1724 (aged 27)

Berne, Switzerland

Nationality: Swiss
Alma mater: University of Zurich
Profession: Government official, Royal
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Rose Kroshbon of Switzerland (Rose Hannah Kroshbon; 8 November 1724) is the only daughter of Tyler Kroshbon. She is also Countess of Solothorn. Disappearing after the Fall of the Caribbean in 1746, she returned 5 years later to re-take her place as the only remaining Princess in the Kroshbon Monarchy. 

Early LifeEdit

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Fall of the CaribbeanEdit

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Return to SwitzerlandEdit

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Placement in GovernmentEdit

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