Queen Maddison I

The Queen

Queen of the Swiss
24 September 1750 – present day

Predecessor: Genevieve de Adelaide (Regent)
King: Alexander I

Personal Details

Born: TBA
Nationality: British
Spouse: King Alexander I
Children: Prince Ryan Kroshbon
Profession: Queen, noblewoman
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Maddison I of Switzerland (Maddison Machawk; TBA) is the only daughter of Lord Eric Machawk and the wife of Alexander I of Switzerland, making her Queen of the Swiss and Duchess of Bern. She was sister of the former Swiss Minister of State and traitor, Prince Samuel Clemente, and was conferred his wealth, lands, and titles upon his betrayal of the Swiss.

Early LifeEdit


Titles and stylesEdit

Titles and StylesEdit

  • TBA - 5 September 1750: Miss Maddison Machawk
  • 5 September 1750 - 24 September 1750: Lady Maddison Machawk
  • 24 September 1750 - present: Her Highness, the Queen of the Swiss

Queen Maddison used the official style of "Maddison the First, By the Grace of God, Queen of the Swiss and Duchess of Bern", and the short style of "Your Highness".

Personal lifeEdit

Queen Maddison was once engaged to Lord William Brawlmartin, the Chairman of the EITC Court of Directors, however the wedding was called off at the last minute. Several years later, in 1750, she was engaged to King Alexander I of Switzerland, and upon her marriage to him was created Queen of the Swiss and Duchess of Bern.

On the 27th of December, she and her husband adopted Prince Ryan Kroshbon as their son and heir. He was officially created the Prince of Geneva later that day.