Lord Wolf Kroshbon

The official state portrait of Lord Wolf.

Minister of State
29 April 1751 – present

Predecessor: Prince Ryan Kroshbon
King: King Alexander I Kroshbon

Viceroy of Greece
23 May 1751 – present

Predecessor: Position Established

Count of Solothorn
23 May 1751 – present

Predecessor: Princess Rose Kroshbon

Personal details

Nationality: Swiss
Alma mater: University of Zurich
Profession: Statesman, Politician
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Lord Wolf Kroshbon () is the brother of Lord Jon Kroshbon, and Minister of State of Switzerland. He is also Count of Solothorn. Alongside his noble titles, he also served as Viceroy of Greece, Switzerland's largest province. He became Minister of State after being invited to the cabinet following Lord Azreel Polemos's formation of a new Cabinet after the downfall of Prince Ryan Kroshbon.

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