Sir Jon S. Kroshbon

The official state portrait of Sir Jon.

Prime Minister of Switzerland
January 26, 1750 – March 18, 1750

Predecessor: Lord Jozef Kohleschmied
Successor: Lord Jozef Kohleschmied
Monarch: Alexander I of Switzerland

Generalfeldmarshal of the Swiss Army
January 24, 1749 – January 26, 1750

Predecessor: Robert Seasteel (As Lord General)
Successor: Kamar V. Oros

Personal Details

Born: July 17th, 1701 (aged 50)
Nationality: Swiss
Political party: Progressive Party (1749-1750)

Independent (1750-present)

Spouse: Keira Kinover-Mar (annulled)
Children: Lord Bailey Kroshbon
Profession: Soldier, Shipwright, Weapons Smith, Politician, Doctor

"Together we are united, together we are family, together we are one, and together we will create a better future and world as one." - John S. Kroshbon

Early Life Edit

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

The life of John Scurvycastle began long ago on the time of July 17, 1710 and was raised by Luther and Morgan Scurvycastle on the island of Cuba.  As a boy, John enjoyed exploring the wilderness of Cuba and learning magic from Calypso at the age of 10 which also inspired his talents in building.  The type of building he dreamt to do in his boyhood was ship building and always loved constructing small boats out of spare parts that he would find from Cuba’s local shipyard and natural timber from Cuba’s forests.  He has also learned how to sword fight, use pistols, blunderbusses, When John started going to school his achievements in academics soared through the roofs throughout his elementary years to his junior high years to his high school years.  Shortly after graduating Timberwood Lion High, John proceeded with earning his degree in shipwrighting at the British Institute of Atlantica for the next 4 years.  After 4 grueling years of being in the Institute, John finally got his shipwright degree which he used to find a place of work at his home island, Cuba.      

The InfluenceEdit

As he attended this Institute, John heading to his class in the institute rumors have spread about the infamous Kamar a figure of true piracy and leaves a trail of destruction from the sinking of ships it always intrigued John on how can a simple pirate is able to pull off these kind of feats against the British Empire, the ETIC, and along with the scary undead commanded by Jolly Roger.  He tried to wash these thoughts out of his mind because he knows dealing or even being a pirate would make him end up in the dungeons of the Caribbean. One day, while John was making his way to Port Royal to receive some ship parts, his ship ended up in a middle of a conflict of pirates and undead.  John tried to turn around but noticed the ship was too close in the conflict to do so and saw a man who looked familiar as he has seen before.  He soon realized it was the infamous pirate Kamar who was currently surrounded by the undead.  As John sailed closer and closer he told his crew to hide below deck in order to prepare for a fight that is most likely to come.  John decided to stay topside to hear what’s going on.  The crew’s undead captain came up to Kamar and said, “KAMAR YOU HAVE CAUSED MUCH TROUBLE FOR THE UNDEAD OF THE CARIBBEAN LATELY, OUR BOSS JOLLY ROGER WANTS YOUR HEAD!”  Kamar said back, “Is that so, Kutros? I only what destroyed some of your finest undead generals, so go raise some new ones.”  Kutros said, “You fool…it’s not that simple plus it is not like everyday we find great generals who have died to add to our army.  Now prepare for your DEATH.”  As John saw Kutros raise his cursed blade along with his crew pointing all guns on Kamar’s crew, it was then John decided to say, “Crew, CHARGE AND ATTACK ALL THE UNDEAD.” All of John’s crew then wildly opened fire with their muskets and pistols and soon after charged in with their swords.  This caused most of the undead crew to fall and only it’s captain, Kutros still stood and said, “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???” John said back, “Just a passing shipwright helping someone in need.”  Kutros growls and says, “You will pay for this shipwright… someday.” Leaving the threat hanging in the air he then vanishes out of thin air, but oddly the undead captain left his ship behind.  Kamar then looks at John and says, “Why would you save me? I am the infamous Kamar…”  John says back, “I saved you because it would have been wrong to just sail away just like that.”  Kamar smiles and says, “Thank you, I didn’t catch your name when the undead were around here, shipwright, what is your name?” John says, “John Scurvycastle, sir.”  Kamar says, “Well then, Mr. Scurvycastle, I am thankful that you helped me live another day and I hope our paths cross again soon.”  As Kamar sailed away from my ship, we both waved at one another before Kamar turned to the view of the ocean to the point where my crew and I could see his ship no longer. Without the knowing this meeting will be the last he will see of Kamar.

Life on CubaEdit

The Dryad's PoisonEdit

While John was gathering his usual timber for his shipbuilding in his home island, Cuba, he saw something laying on the ground that was wood and also was in the shape of a female.  He walked closer to her and this being was no human, but a local dryad who was currently infected by a unusual, orange fungus that has pretty much spreaded throughout her body.  When John saw this he said, “Young one, what has happened to you?”  The dryad replied, “I was running around in the forest and ran into a tree that was tainted with the fungus you see on me now.”  John said back, “I know of someone who may be able to cure you.”  John carried this young dryad quickly to a place he was well familiar with in Cuba as a child, the swamps where the great Calypso lived.  Calypso has also secretly taught John some magic when he was young, but he never got much into that until this moment.  As Calypso sees John approach her hut she says, “Well, John, I see you have grown and received your dream to become a shipwright. Now tell me, what are you doing carrying this young dryad?” John said back, “I found this dryad on the floors of the forest nearby, she also has this orange fungus growing on her that’s making her sick.”  Calypso looked at her for a few moments to see the sickness that’s spreading on her body and said, “This is one of the most deadly diseases for dryads to contract because this fungus will spread to the point where it will eat the outside of the dryad’s body to the point where it will eat the dryad whole is consumed.”  John asked, “How do we stop this from happening?”  Calypso said, “Well the cure is not all that easy because the other ingredients I need I have and are easy to get since they are around this swamp, but the final ingredient I need is the most difficult of them all which is the scales of the legendary Fire Dragon of the Caribbean.”  John asked, “Where can I find this Fire Dragon?”  Calypso replied, “This fish can only be found near the island of Pardes el Fuego.” John thanked her for this information and told the young dryad he will be back with the scale to save her life.  John quickly prepares himself with all of his weapons which are his two swords and two pistols then sets sail one of his own sloops which he named Wind Cutter.  Thankfully it only took an hour to get there since John modified the ship to be lightweight and somewhat durable against certain obstacles.  Once John arrived near the island he threw out the bait that Calypso gave him in order to attract the Fire Dragon.  After waiting for a long period of time, the Wind Cutter quaked and on the very side of the ship the legendary Fire Dragon showed itself from the sea.  John saw his opportunity and used the ship’s cannons to stun the Fire Dragon, but when this didn’t work he had to resort to his swords and pistols.  Luckily, he brought many pieces of chain along as well in order to restrain the beast, so he used the cannons to grapple the beast to the point where it could not move so quickly.  Then John threw his own grappling hook to pull off some of the scales of the Fire Dragon which he successfully got.  After getting the scales from the beast, he decided to be merciful and release the Fire Dragon back into the water even though he could have killed it.  Seeing that the sun was setting at a rapid rate, John sped the Wind Cutter back to Cuba along with running as fast as he could back to Calypso’s hut.  He gave the scales she needed and grounded them up with all the other ingredients she gathered while John got the scales.  Once the cure was mixed Calypso fed the cure the young dryad and as she started to heal back to health the fungus fell off to the point where there was no more on her body along with the fungus turning into dying colors.  The young dryad said, “What happened?”  Calypso said, “We just cured of your fungus and if it wasn’t for this young man’s bravery you would not be back in the world of the living.”  The young dryad said, “Thank you! I didn’t catch your name earlier.”  John said, “John Scurvycastle is my name, what’s yours?”  The young dryad said, “My name is Sapphire Moonlight, I am very grateful that you have gone a great distance to save my life.  I am forever in your debt.”  John said, “It is quite alright, Sapphire, what satisfies me is that you're alive and well.”  As John walked back to the shipyard Sapphire followed him and said, “John, wait!”  John smiled and said, “What is it my friend?”  Sapphire said, “If there is anything you need at all feel free to summon me with this.” John looks to see what Sapphire has put in his hand and sees it is a sapphire jewel wrapped with a small thread to be used as a necklace.  He puts it on and thanks Sapphire for this gift along with watching her walking back into the forest where she lived in.                     

The Undead AttackEdit

After recent hearing of Kamar’s death, John begins to hear rumors of Kamar back from the dead, with this forms of rumors spread John thinks it was possible he is alive thru the arts of dark voodoo magic or from Jolly Roger’s magic for his corrupt ways of taking and twisting their morality to kill but when John heard of these rumors mentioning of this “undead” version of Kamar has turned against Jolly Roger destroying his fleets but rising his own ships. Causing a peak of interest of John another confirmed rumor spread like a disease that he has made deals to those he resurrected to make them fully alive and well if they kill under his name, destroying fleets and ransacking any British, Spanish, and EITC colonies in his wake while sinking and taking Jolly Roger’s own forces. In the time of him in port royal a dark green mist slowly formed around the forests and the seas of Port Royal covered and the screams of thunder striking. Ghostly ships start to show from the foggy mist opening fire on the fort and the town itself with the undead army coming out thru the forests and from the sea wreaking havoc. With the undead cutting down the ranks of the British officers and soldiers who are stationed the ships of the British army are opened fire upon sinking any form for the British escape for their royalty or their “important” friends of theirs. With the chaos attacking anyone who is ripe for the taking John runs and hides away from the undead to avoid being killed by them before soon reaching to his ship down by the cove. Boarding his ship the undead notice his ship leaving they try to have their undead Spanish Man O War’s to chase him down but with no luck for John and his crew escaped to alert another British colony of this tragedy.  Heading to Tortuga with a British Commanding Officer on the docks, John’s ship docks with the harbor calling for the Commanding Officer who is on the harbor saying, “The undead have taken Portal Royal by storm.  They appeared out of nowhere and started murdering innocents then they started turning the innocents into UNDEAD.” The officer says back, “Well then, this is dire news indeed. Now who was leading the attack first of all?”  John said, “No it wasn’t, you may be very fond of this one, the one they call Kamar.”  The officer turned pale and said, “That’s impossible, our reports showed that we killed him months ago back on Padres del Fuego!” Then John responded to this saying, “Then explain why his ship is still standing in Port Royal that lead the attack with undead Spanish Man O War’s then.” The Officer gulps and responds,“ It can’t be remotely possible their is no way he could be undead. The report on him showed his torso was shot wide open, eyes and tongue ripped out of his head along having his head burned to the stake next to the lava streams. I was there when Kamar was killed with the 2 admirals of the British and the Spanish forces made a temporary truce to just kill this guy. There's no way he cannot be resurrected unless Jolly Roger being the idiot he is brought him back to life or….” The officer faces soon turns white pale almost like a ghost and says, “Unless he was able to cast a dark voodoo spell during his last moments of his life.”  John thinks about this and responds, “Oh yes this can be very possible every now and then Roger brings back his most valuable commanders back to life every now and then.  Good luck.”  John continues his way and thinks about what is to come back now Kamar has returned from death itself.

Old Memories, Old FriendsEdit

As John tries to relax after from the recent events in Port Royal of the undead attack everything is peaceful with the music playing from some of the spanish guitars, flutes and other musical instruments playing in the background and some people while they are drunk they started to dance an uneasy feeling sets into John as the fort’s siren bell starts to ring of an incoming attack of the way it sounds. The music stops playing with everyone heading to their homes in a rush of a attack thinking it is regular pirates, British officers run in calling everyone to arms of undead fleet is heading to the harbor.  John goes to the harbor as he sees only one undead walking right out of the entire fleet and realizes it was Kamar.  He also wonders, “Why would Kamar just walk out alone when he could attack with the rest of his crew?” John then sees Kamar with his grotesque features of being an undead pirate he sees that his coat riddled with bullet holes and stained blood. His torso where the alleged cannonball hole in the middle of his torso seems to have been patched up possibly used the flesh of another corpse to have it healed, glowing blue eyes in the eye sockets with the rotten smell of decay lingers from his body but strong dark voodoo magic surrounds his body. He looks at the harbor before soon seeing Tortuga in it’s pride. Smiling he says, “Ahh old memories and homes never change not even to the undead.”  While Kamar looks around, many British officers and soldiers run down to the harbor for Kamar to see, his anger rises up with the glowing blue eyes start to turn blood red before saying “Tortuga is not for the land of cowards and corrupted freaks! This is the home of the pirates the home of freedom!” Pulling out his sword a black mist forms around his hand before sending out a wave of dark voodoo energy at them to make their skin to rot and their bodies to decay a faster rate than normal turning them to bone dust before soon speaking again,“Who was the bastard with the stupidity to sign their death certificates to the red coat bleeding bastards allowing them to intrude our homes and steal from us!”  John stands in fear and says, “Kamar? Is that you? If it is PLEASE DON’T HURT me or turn me into to ash like you did to those guys also it’s me John!” Kamar’s eyes turn back to its bluish color before looking at John saying “And why so? This depends if your the the cursed dog who made the deal with the robbing red coats.”  John said, “Actually no I am just a shipwright, plus I heard how you came back from death itself.” Kamar holding back a laugh before soon speaking, “Hey wouldn’t you want to cheat death if you were in my shows while wanting to achieve more in life shipwright.”  John says back, “Hey, it is a good life, plus it is what I love doing. Also remember the name Kutros?”  Kamar’s eye raises a bit before saying “Kutros? That is a name i haven’t heard after killing that skeletal freak myself and using his skull for a bowl.”  John laughed a bit and said, “Well then, remember the guy that helped you rid of his crew.” Kamar with him sheathing his sword as the black mist on his hand fades away “Ahh yes the alleged kid who calls himself John Scurvycastle….I am gonna take your him are you?”  John said, “Yea pretty much, so other than coming back to have you been?  Also, for the record I don’t always look like this, the only reason is I had to run out of Port Royal with my life because of the undead attack that you lead.” Kamar with his hand in his coat pocket pulling out a old rusted coin before saying, “So in other terms your that captain I heard whose ship got away from one of Port Royal’s coves then?” John sighs and confesses, “Yes, I suppose you are here to turn me into well one of your undead soldiers or just visiting?” Kamar laughing a bit before speaking “Now why should i turn you into a undead seeing your not strong, you're skinny and with a small ship? As far as I am concern I would have ignored you like the dutch or the portuguese ships when i was alive.”  John responded, “Eh good point, plus I did kinda saved your life 3 years ago and I am not that skinny I am actually good with swords, pistols, and a bit voodoo magic.”  Kamar smiling as he says “Even if you know how to wield a sword and fight with it their is still much to learn then a simple hack or a slash.”  John said, “Yes yes, but what overtime I am getting better, plus I wanted to learn more voodoo magic since Calypso could not teach me when she told me that was all she knew how to teach me.” John shows Kamar what he can do with his staff by firing fireballs out at a random piece of sand and he said, “See, but I always knew there was more. I can do a little of healing the only part is I could never do it to the point where I can bring someone back to life perfectly.  There would always be side effects…” Kamar with him looking at your before soon at your staff he laughs a bit “And it seems she must be a coward for not teaching her students well in any form of voodoo magic. As far as Calypso knows any form of voodoo magic is necessary to survive in this world even to come back to life and get revenge. Like hell sure she didn’t teach you their is a way to have a spell to detect your enemies who are hiding in plain sight.”  John whistles and said, “Now that I would like to learn. Think you can teach me the ways to the point where I can bring someone back to life perfectly.  In return once I have learned everything from you.  I might be able to give you back a mortal heart.”  Kamar with his eyebrow raised from the offer before saying “Now why in my life should I want to come back from the dead to be fully alive? I can never age i can never sleep nor eat like hell on earth I am invincible! I would never give it up in my life till i see the British and Spanish forces all sink to their watery graves and i become the undead king of Caribbean.”  John said, “I can’t really blame you for that since they did that team up on you and blew you to pieces.  Plus you would not be stand here today if I didn’t come by with my ship by accident.”  Kamar thinks for a moment, “Well true you did saved me from that true. Well guess a good way to repay you is to teach you of what i know of voodoo magic. But of course I know this, you are gonna need a better staff than this flimsy stick of a staff.” John said, “Yeah I kinda figured that there would always be better staffs to off course compared to this old stick.”  Kamar nods as he moves his coat for his hand to pull out a staff made from a long creature’s spine and brittle bones with a glowing green sigil burning “Now let me show you a real powerful spell. For example you see that British fort up the mountain on my home turf.” John looks where Kamar is looking and says, “Ok sure.” Kamar smiles as the glowing green sigil burns brighter as green mist forms around it. His eyes turn green as the ground slightly shakes before the fort rises up from its mountain peak before soon slamming his staff down for the mist surrounding the fort and crushes it along with anyone inside of it. Causing this he moves his staff jerking it to the left  to have the remains of the fort to sly into the sea as he said, “Now that is a proper spell.” John opens his eyes widely and says, “Ok now that’s something FOR sure I would love to learn!  When shall we start?” Kmara smiles and says “we start when you get  better staff that enhances voodoo magic. If you can’t find one i have one on my ship you can use IF you can’t find your own of course.”  John smiles and said, “That’s a good idea.  Perhaps when I learn more I can create or even find a better one.”

The Ways of VoodooEdit

Kamar and John decided to journey to the very place in Tortuga that Kamar started out his career as a pirate which was the old church that was condemned as a sacred and holy area where no one not even the military were allowed to enter.  As John looked around, he said, “This place could use some cleaning up, but other than the dust it looks great and perfect for training.  So what is the first thing I should learn for starters?” Kamar soon says, “First like i said you’re gonna need a new staff to channel your energy to use more powerful spells.”  John said, “Alright, what are the best materials to amplify one’s magic?”  Kamar smiles before speaking, “Best place to have good voodoo materials is either on Jolly Roger’s ships or go to raven’s cove for the wood and bones their.”  John said, “Oh pff I got tons of wood that I have gathered from almost every Caribbean Island even Raven’s Cove.”  Kamar nods and says, “But you need some bones as well. Gather a couple of bones before moving onto the next step.”  After Kamar instructs this, John gathers up the bones of dead animals along with some bones of a inactive undead skeleton and drags him back to the church.  When this was done, John started to use Kamar’s staff as a reference guide to build the staff’s basic structure. While with Kamar watches he is sitting on one of the old wooden chairs as he says “Once you have the structure of your staff built next will be more entertaining to do to control much more stronger spells.”  As soon as he finished the staff’s basic structure, it turned out like a fork but with an open spot in between to put something very special into.   Kamr with him tilting his head in a bit of confusion “Now why have that art have an opening their for? Unless you plan on doing conduction or other forms of physical spells from their of course.”  John said, “Ah the reason is this,” and he takes a special lava like gem out from his pocket then says, “Remember this?” kamar looks at the gem “Now why have a gem from Paredes del Fuego for? And more importantly why would i want to remember that spanish colony who have those gems?”  John said, “Ah, but this gem is special, when you told me you were brought back to life after they left your body to riot I noticed this crystal emitting a unique essence.  I examined it and saw it was Jolly Roger’s remaining magic used on you, so I took this crystal and I intend to combine it with a my own sapphire crystal.  Kamar gets up walking over to John “let me see that crystal.”  John hands it to Kamar and watches him examine it. With him examining the crystal smoke slowly appears from his fingertips before setting it down* “Figures Jolly Roger’s magic interferes with other magical beings. Strong sense of voodoo magic but sealed up due to Roger.”  As John understood this, he combine both the his own sapphire (not the one he got from Sapphire Moonlight) with the other dark gem and fused them as one then sealed the middle with the material’s he used to make the staff.  John raises the staff and says, “It is done.” Kamar looking at the new staff he somewhat has a small smile “Good now next step is to increase the staff’s enhancement capability to cast more than certain spells. Only thing we need now is the blood of the damned and the blood of corrupted.”  John lit up and said, “Heh I thought you may ask that”, then he drags in the undead corpse and corrupted animal he round at the swamp and then speaks, “Will these do?”  Kamar looking at the undead corpse, “No that body won’t do the blood of the damned needs to be fresh.”  John says, “Well I think I know one place to go to get both.”  John takes Kamar to his ship and they go to the isles where the corrupted troops of Davy Jones reside along with some undead.  Kamar with him somewhat slightly annoyed “No not the undead they count as corrupted. The blood of the damned is the blood of those who are alive and make lives worse for everyone else. Do I have to point it out more.”  John then realized his mistake, “Oh for…well who would be perfect for this? I mean Jolly Roger is one, but someone would have to be nuts to try to prick his finger just for blood.”  Kamar “who said we have to go for roger’s bony hands.” he points to one of EITC ships that is a frigate size “those damned blooded freaks.”  John looked with his scope and said, “Welp, I will get the hooks and cannons ready.”  After a few shots of cannon fire at the EITC ship, Kamar and John launched the hooks to bring the EITC ship in and as they walked on deck, the captain/ officer of the ship said, “Who do you think you are boarding an EITC vessel?” Kamar looking at the members of the EITC crew, “Simple I am going to purge each and every single one of you damned freaks. Kill them all.”  John quickly slashes his twin cutlasses past all the ETIC officers so fast to the point where they could not even react in time to block it and just fell after one blow. Kamar’s men boarding the ship killing off the rest of the crew he smiles looking at John, “Now collect the blood.”  John follows this order and collects the blood by just pricking the finger of the captain with a taglock which contained the blood.  Kamar walking back onto his ship his men drag the dead bodies of the EITC crewmen back onto his ship even taking the supplies of the ship as well.  John laughed and said, “Well you really want to raise an army do you.” Kamar looking at John, “Oh trust me just enough size army to make even Jolly Roger run for his life. I want to see him run like the coward he is.” After this was done, they went back to the church to finish the staff.  Kamar drew a ritual circle around the staff to enhance and empower it. Allowing a aura to form around the staff the circle glows blood red with the staff forming has the wood darkens into a deeper brown color with the crystal infused into the open slot. John looks at his new staff and says, “Let’s test it out shall we?”  Kamar and John step outside the church and prepare to test out the new staff that John made.  As soon as John began to charge up the staff, it came out as a mixed blue, purple ball of energy ready to decimate anything its way.  When this ball of energy was fired, the unexpected result was it was much more powerful than Kamar’s staff because instead of blowing up only the ruins of the fort it blew off the entire mountain as well.  John realized what he created was a danger since parts of the mountain and fort ruins were about the crash down on the town, so he realized since he fused two stones together if he could split their light and dark powers for different purposes.  He then split the staff in two with only the fused stone two halves on each side and used them both to levitate the falling debris into the ocean where he then blasted it all into nothing but dust.  Kamar looking at the dust particles raining down from the blast he looks at John staff, “Not bad kid not bad you will need more practice to control and focus it. Better off to start with some of the local animals.”  John follows Kamar and they see some of the local animals such crocodiles, scorpions, bats, and crabs.  Then John decides instead of blasting the animals into to dust like the debris, he decides to see what happens if he could make them something more.  Now with this in mind he splits the staff again and uses the light end to transform the scorpion into a dog.  As for the other end of the staff which was the dark end, he uses it on the crab and it transformed into something corrupted which partly looked like one of Davy’s Jones troops, but more mencing along with sharper hands for piercing anything in its path and purple spiked crystals to show it’s corruption. Kamar looking at the crab figure freak, “Huh not bad now let's see if you can kill it.” John grins and says, “Easy,” and as he said that he fired a frost orb at the creature and froze it in place then pulled the earth out of the ground to crush the creature that he just created. Kamar walks over to see the destruction of what’s left of it “Hmmm not bad but needs to be more focused and in control still. Give it time and you can be able to pull it off to do any powerful spell before it backfires.”  John said, “Alright fair enough, elemental spells seemed easier for me.  As for the animal transmutation it took more effort for me.  I guess everyone is used to different types of magic.  Thank you for teaching me your ways, hope we cross paths again.”  Kamar smiles and they part ways to their own lives.   

The Rise of the Blue Revenge Edit

After John’s confrontation and voodoo learnings with Kamar , he was looking through his office at Tortuga for his shipwright business and found an old drawing that he drew when he was a kid.  This ship drawn had dark blue sails along with 14 broadside cannons and thought about creating this ship, but with a modification of his own.  Since John learned a whole bunch of voodoo magic from Kamar, he had a plan to improve the way his ship was going to be built as well as its weapons. For the next month, he went around the Caribbean to gathering all the materials necessary to build this new ship he had in mind.  Once all the materials were gathered, he started with the ship’s main body which he desired to make it to the point where it was extremely durable against heavy attacks.  He began this by fusing dark oak with hard oak to make an even stronger more durable wood along with constructing the support beams for the cargo hold and the cannon areas.

Rebirth as a SwissmanEdit

Swiss RoyaltyEdit

John was walking around the docks of Tortuga waiting for a shipment of sails, 3 men approached him who were very well dressed and armed.  Once they approached John and the man in the middle said, “John Scurvycastle, your wanted by the Swiss King himself, please come along peacefully.”  John raised his eyebrow and said, “I am not in trouble are I? I promise you I did not perform any crimes whatsoever, so please don’t execute me.”  The man in the middle laughed and said, “Just come with us.” He then points to his ship and John follows along to his ship where they will all be transported to Switzerland.  In the duration of the journey, John asks, “Well you know who I am, but who are you?”  The man responded, “I am, Tyler Crossbones, King of the Swiss.”  John said, “Ah, so you decided to come out of yourself instead of sending someone for me.  Why?”  Tyler then said, “John, the reason why I came out here myself is because you are Swiss Royalty.”  John’s eyes widened, “How can this be?”  He said, “ see your father was my father’s brother and he hid within the Caribbean at Cuba to conceal this identity.  Luther married Morgan and they settled for a normal life amongst the people along with having two children.  Your sister as you know disappeared when you were just a boy for mysterious reasons.  It was said she was taken to some kind of kingdom…where the winter falls.”  John scratches his head and says, “Mhm….I have never heard of a kingdom such as this.  I will look into this in my spare time.”  Tyler then tells John that, “I also have an offer for you Mr. Scruvycastle, how would you like to be my lieutenant for my division for the Swiss Army? It is called the Armed Guard.”  John thought about this and said, “Well working as a shipwright gets kind of boring after awhile. Eh why the heck not. I accept your offer Lord Crossbones, I will devote my loyalty to the Swiss and its people.”  Tyler says, “Excellent!”  The two men shook on this and as they did the boat finally arrived at the Swiss docks.  Once they rode to the palace, John sees its beautiful insides and says, “This will be a start of a great partnership and my new family.”  Tyler and John have done so much together and sadly not much was remembered of these old days since they survived so many battles and wars together which is where they made their mark and eventually parted ways since John was planning to find something he lost.

The Caribbean's FallEdit

As John was sailing the great seas of the Caribbean, he looks at the islands that still stand until suddenly he feels the sea shake.  The island of Port Royal slowly begins to sink into the seas of the Caribbean and sees this happen to the other islands as well.  Where they once stood rose a great maelstrom that swallowed any island that still stood.  John quickly rushed to the helm and did everything he could to speed up the ship in order to get away from this horrible fate.  Then the waters of the storm slowly catches up to him the form of tsunamis and devour him making him float into the unknown unconscious.  All he sees is a void of his past memories which he decides to explore.  He remembers the times of his childhood with his family that he wished he could have saved from the destruction along with his missing sister that never returned when he was 10 years old due being taken by mysterious men in white uniforms.  The next memory was when he graduated from the academy to get his shipwright degree and remembering his two friends, Sapphire and Kamar frozen in time.  Finally he sees himself when he joined the Swiss Empire and swearing his loyalty to them to the end of his days.  He sees a bright light after seeing all these memories and walks through it where to unknown is about to be revealed.     

The Sapphire Isles

After dreaming and walking through the past, John wakes up on a sandy beach obviously in the middle of nowhere realizing he could be stuck in this place forever.  He decides to walk around to look for food and supplies then sees a lush forest with some strange animals.  Some of these animals had crystals on the back of their bodies of various colors, some had two tails or ones that were longer than normal, some animals even walked upright, and some even spoke.  John realized this was just more than a deserted island, but a land with its own rules and mystics. His stomach growls as he realized he hasn’t eaten or days since he has been floating at sea unconscious and decides to walk to where his ship has crashed which was on the side of a rock.  Luckily, he has some food and knows it will only last him for a few days at most, but he had some of his weapons as well along with his staff, Hil’grim to defend himself.  He walks into the forest where he saw the unusual creatures and decides to hunt the one with the body of a buffalo who had the claws of a tiger and a long, sharp tail that was mostly made of bone.  He soon realizes that none of the animals seen are easy prey and sees that when it's tail of bone swings at him nearly cutting his head off.  He then strikes back with his staff by raising the earth to impale it, but it dodges right out of the spikes.  Understanding the food he seeked was quick and agile he decided to stab it right before the creature could get the jump on him.  He levitates the beast over the fire to cook and ate it a bit of it which tasted unusual compared to the animal meat back home.  He then sleeps till the next morning to build a base so he may hopefully find a way back home and restore the Caribbean back to the way it was.  As he was finding the perfect location for a base, he stumbled across a deserted temple only to find ancient writings on the wall telling of a great being called Amt’kah Tas who fought off an ancient evil that once plagued the land of Sapphire and the writings told how the island was once up in the skies floating peacefully until Jail’tar came to destroy it.  They fought for what seemed to be eons, but in the end Amt came out victorious and was deemed the title/name Harcronium which meant the Enduring.  The people he saved were an unknown race and as John was looking he tripped over something that was in the shape a tome with a blue crystal as it’s center.  He opened the book to realize it had information about the island and the unknown race he pondered about were called the Chalmadorians who were crystal like people with the ability to change into anything they wanted, but their color of their crystal like skin showed somewhere on their body as a mark of who they are.  These beings eventually left the isles for reasons to be unknown since it showed what seemed to be a unusual ship that could take flight to the skies never to be heard off or seen again.  When Harcronium died, he put his essence into 6 items that he used and scattered them to unknown universes and if they were to be reunited they would reform him as he once was thousands of years ago.  He then eventually found a page of an ancient portal that can take you anywhere in space and time you desired.  Although it was great, he found out that a great source of power would be needed to make the portal functional forever.  Unfortunately this was the only way home since the Chalmadorians put a curse for those who try to enter or leave the Sapphire Isles had storms and other supernatural beings waiting to tear them to shreds.  For the magic power source to be revived, the three main magics of the source had to be reactivated which were life, elemental, and divine.  He looked at the tome to see where he had to reactivate the ancient powers and saw that it was at the very heart of the Isles.  He made his way there and which is where he found all three power sources only to be protected by guardians who were made of energies and elements of their type.  John snuck past the life guardian to activate the first power source only to be detected soon after.  The guardians spoke all at once, “How dare you invade our domain mortal.  Why have you come and how?  Speak or we will destroy you.”  John speaks, “I only wish to go home great ones, my home in the Isles of the Caribbean have been destroyed by a great storm.”  The guardians listen as how he survived on this very island and how he arrived, then they spoke, “We shall open the portal to you mortal, if you only face all 3 of us in combat the portal shall be yours to control till your life ends.”  John says, “I humbly accept your challenge great ones.”  Before the duel starts the guardians told John he could use any spells he knew in the fight.  They begin as all 3 guardians rush towards him like a great buffalo stampede and work all kinds of spells of arcane, nature, and life.  John then raises up giant pillars of earth surrounding the guardians then raises them to strike and only some of the pillars hit the Guardian of Arcane.  As for the Guardian of Elements and Life they rise vines and earth which then is surrounded by fire and gusts of wind which both Guardians thought he could not escape.  John then uses a word spell chant that makes the vines wither where he cold break them with his bare hands then slams his staff down into the earth to make his own winds which made the traps around him dissipate.  He decides to hurl tendrils of water into the Guardian of Elemental’s core and shocks a lightning bolt where he blew the Guardian into pieces and shocked them all the point where they no longer attempted to rebuild itself.  The Guardian of Arcane sent arcane crystals down at John’s location which he cleverly used the attack against the Guardian by jumping back and opening a portal to where the Guardian was.  The Guardian realized his own attack backfired on himself and summoned an arcane shield, but some hit his face where he howled in pain and saw John jump from the portal on top of him.  John then point his staff right at the Arcane Guardian’s face and lowers it to incase him with a Volcanic Hand.  The Guardian and John look eye to eye and the Guardian speaks, “You...defeated me,  I will honor my promise of allowing you use of the portal.”  As he says this he shrinks to a mortal size and says, “Kneel,  John Scurvycastle, for defeating me I dub you of the worthy title of “Harcronium Incarnate” rise and as a gift I would like to offer you this ship.”  A flying ship comes from a portal that the Guardian makes and he sees that the ship is prepared for war along with its vibrant colors that shined brightly against the sun.  John bows before the Guardians thanking them for their gifts and set sails on his new ship through the portal to venture his way back to his broken home.    

The ReturnEdit

After the portal transported John back to the Caribbean in his newly made ship he created from the materials of the Sapphire Isles.  As he rows around and sees what is left of the Caribbean which are ruined homes and islands.  He steers his ship more and more until he sees a dark glowing green fog that surrounded something that he once thought was sunk with the rest of the isles, only seen Port Royal, Kings Head and others fallen to the seas, Padres del Fuego the same aisle that has been under Spanish control still stands volcanic activity more destructive than it once was, magma rocks firing off from its spout at the top the fog slowly fades away for dozens of undead war brigs and frigates having the musky smell of rotten decay before a tall figure stands on the main commanding ship. The figure looking over at the seas as the piercing bluish glowing eyes glow bright giving an indication the figure is Kamar.  John waved in the distance to attract Kamar’s attention which failed, so he fired a beam of light in the air of his staff.  Kamar looking from his ship notices the beam of light coming to his direction before soon reaching contact nearly touching him he raised his hand to drain the light.  John sees Kamar and yells out, “KAMAR, can you hear me?” looking at John’s direction, Kamar pulls out a spyglass to see John after such a long time not seeing a single good friend after the destruction of the isles. “Oh god it-” turns to his men, “GET YOUR FUCKING ROW BOATS AND GET READY TO SEE A OLD FRIEND RETURN!!”  John steers closer to Kamar’s ship and sees a bunch of rowboats approach closer and closer.  He is then escorted aboard and sees Kamar then says, “Hey Kamar, I thought I would never find you in all of this destruction!  How are you?”  Kamar having a smirk on his face replying back, “Same concerning question as you my student.  Where the hell have you been I thought you were killed by the maelstrom that sunk the islands.”  John said, “Well I have been to a place where no one has been called the Sapphire Isles, I got this from the place about its culture and history.”  John shows the old tome to Kamar about the Sapphire Isles and he opens it to show all the contents inside. He replies, “No need to show that right now it is time to celebrate!”John sees all of Kamar’s dead crew partying in joy and Kamar sits with John on one of the tables on the side of the party.   The crew themselves gather the food and wine out from the lower decks setting up tables and chairs with a few of them getting their instruments to play some music.  Playing a old song loved by pirates and the people back on Tortuga the men dance and drink down rum.  John drinks along and asks, “So how are you still around when the Maelstrom came?”  Kamar   looks “oh simple when you are a undead pirate you can hide in the water deep enough for the malestrom not to reach you.”  John said, “Ah. Well want to see that tome, now?” “Your tome you brought onto the ship? I think i will pass.”  John puts it back, “Besides at least you're alive that all that counts now.” “Same to you and I know you went underwater during the storm.  What happened to everyone else after the storm? Any survivors?” “Not really we only found survivors who were lucky enough to store away in barrels or in rowboats.”  “Ah so anyone planning to rebuild the Caribbean?  If so I really want to help.” kamar shaking his head “ So far the islands are no longer here. Every single island was destroyed from the maelstrom. I plan on taking these people to the spanish colony up north so they can be on dry land and have more proper food and shelter.”  “Good to know that you are doing good for these people, I only hope my Swiss friends are doing alright.”  “The Swiss? Why the hell would you be concerned for the Swiss for?”  “You see...don’t kill me for saying this but...I recently found out I am Swiss royalty.  Understanding you hate royalty I will say this, I found out my father was tried his best to move away from that life as in really hard by even marrying a unroyal.”

“So in other terms your nothing more but royalty who hates being in the spotlight?” “ In a few ways yes, but I was the Second Lieutenant of their Armed Guard.” “Well guess if you're part of them…...I could have some use from you.”  “Meaning?”  “I can use you as a personal waiver away from their laws even if it was in self defense.”  “I am sure they have forgotten about you by now seeing the recent destruction of the Caribbean Islands just happened.” “True mate true, but the problem is EITC and their Royal Spanish allies keep records on what happens and have kept records on the undead so they know I am back.”  “Mmm….I could find a way to obtain your record…” John snaps his fingers, “THAT’S IT!” and as he says this he pulls out the Sapphire Tome and flips through it till he finds a teleportation spell.  “Ok so where do they keep those records exactly?” “They keep their records somewhere on the mainland or on a trusted officer to their boss.”  “Ok so who is the boss and where on the mainland?”  “Their boss is from what I know is called Mercer and somewhere in Spain.”  “I believe I know where is.  I have learned illusion spells to disguise myself.  Want to see?”  Kamar eyebrows raised slightly before asking, “Oh how so with this illusion magic?”  As Kamar watches, John transforms into Lord Cutler Beckett right before his very eyes.  “There we go! What do you think?”  Kamar “that ain’t going to work since they know he was killed in the maelstrom.”  John thinks about this and asks, “You know who is the new person in charge in his place?”

The Raid Edit

As dusk settles on the Spanish docks with the guards on duty and the citizens in their homes sleeping or in the bars having a quick drink before their wives or their husbands know they are at the pubs, a dark green mist slowly rolls in from the sea for cackles of laughter from the crew’s horrid skulls and some of their rotten flesh all preparing for their assault of the docks and to the castle.  John and Kamar stand together and they both use their telescopes to scout the area.  “Ok the area looks very guarded since I raided the place.  That Rose girl must have put up more guard, she is expecting us to return.”  Kamar scoffed at this holding back a cackle “if this “Rose” thinks she is expecting one person she is terribly wrong. I am going to enjoy cutting down this yellow coated bastards and have their blood soak onto this blade.”  “Eh knowing you this ain’t surprising. I don’t blame you especially after doing that little team up on you.  Also while we are here, want me to take you to the files room if they don’t notice us?” Kamar having a wicked grin “Oh trust me you will lead me to it while my men provide a rather fun distraction,” having a small laugh he draws out his blade “ now go on and lead me to it.” “You got it boss.  This time I can make us get there fast, watch this.”  John pulls his staff out which then turns him and Kamar into wisps to quickly get into the fortress where the files are.  As they become wisps, they fly past all the guards undetected and appeared at the door where the files are being held.  “Well time to unlock the door.”  He then pulls out the key that he stole from Rose.  Not wanting to waste time he just simply kicks the door down. “Always the blunt way huh?,” John said. “Hey I done this before breaking into captain’s room on boarded ships so you really shouldn’t be surprised.”  “At this point I am not.  Let’s get those files.”  Kamar only nodding, as he walks down thru the door, sword still in his hand.  John and Kamar look through the filing cabinets and then Kamar being the brute that he is he rips the cabinets out one by one while his eyes turn to a bright orange along with his hand having fresh burnt cinders rising up torching the cabinets to find the right one.  “Dang….tantrum much, Kamar?” “No my dear friend pure anger but the satisfaction of torching their documents will surely remove other pirate convicts records off for good haha!!”  “Huh didn’t think of that. Smart.  I think I found yours.”  “Bring it to me John so i can purge it.”  “Ok, but let me make a special fire so once we burn it people won’t remember you at all, want that so it is like a fresh start?”  “Do it so that way they have no clue how to stop me or to stop anyone.”  John puts down the files on the floor and says, “Ok now stand back.” Then he pulls his staff and casts black fire and says, “May these men and women and undead have a chance of redemption.” as the spell commences his eyes turn back to their bluish color as the men outside still wait on their ships.

The Face Off Edit

As Kamar and John were enjoying this moment, the two girls named Rose and Hannah, approached. Rose looked at Hannah before saying, “go warn your brother of the undead in Spain”. Hannah nodded before running towards the palace. Rose then looked at Kamar.  Kamar looking down the large corridor his eyes turn back to their green like state before soon speaking to John, “I am guessing this is the girl you got your head kicked in John?” “Unfortunately, yes.” Kamar holding a chuckle he turns back down to the corridor “well then guess i am going to enjoy this” drawing out his sword as a smirk goes across his face. Rose looks at him holding up her hands, “look I don’t want to fight you, I was stressed out by something, and my dark side came out and I couldn’t control it. Hannah told me what I did before I passed out. I’m sorry”. John thinks about this, “Alright I can understand this eco can deteriorate the body correct if it is overused?” “It shortens your intended lifespan, so if you’re undead it doesn’t really hurt you, which is why Jolly Roger has been hunting me down since I was a child,” she answered.  “Well in that case. Kamar, think we should still cut her down to size….heh quite short, but really I am kind of second thinking this.” “Oh if you do not want to see this John than cover your eyes because right now” Kamar’s eyes starting to turn to a bright orange as his hands slowly start to catch on fire even the sword “if she knows where Roger is i am going to enjoy beating that information out of her damn skull!” “Ok honestly um I think it is best we better all calm down before the Grim Reaper comes.  You two can fight it out, but just don’t kill each other please.”  John goes on to the sides and draws a line in the middle of the corridor.  Rose looks at Kamar, her eyes widening in fear, “I don’t know where he is, nor would I want to, he’s locked me up in a stump before”. “A stump? Really? Knowing Roger he locks his victims up in a cage than a bloody tree stump, now stop delaying your inevitable unless you have something on him you are not going no where from me.””Why what have I ever done to either of you, consciously?” “you see there's a difference between regular pirates and the undead and then there's my crew where we fight for a true purpose of freeing the Caribbean. So far your nation along with Roger are one of the few that stand in our way!” “That’s my husband’s fault, is it my fault that I fell in love,” she asked in disbelief. Kamar having his brow slightly raised his glowing eyes roll over.

The Kingdom of WinterEdit

As John was walking in the shores of Switzerland, he walks around in the cold night thinking about his victorious plan against Ishmael Decksteel when suddenly he sees the three people standing in front of him and John says, “May I help you three? Looking for someone?”  The one on the right who was the only girl said, “No just you.” John raises his eyebrow and says, “Who are you three people?”   They said in sync, “Winter is coming.”  They then pull out their blades and rush at John which is when he pulls out his two cutlasses and blocks them since he does not want to hurt these people until he knows who they are. After three minutes of fighting all of them one of them pulls a scepter and points it at John where he remained frozen in place.  

The man in the middle said, “Bring him with us, we need him alive.”  John then sees their great warship riding out into the night frozen in ice and after hours of sailing through the seas.  They finally arrive at an island where he sees a castle.  The three people talk to the guards then open the doors and brings John to the throne room.  Then he sees a young lady sitting on the main throne and she says, “Unfreeze him at once.”  The three people unfreezed John and as he looks at the lady he says, “I AM GOING TO SLASH THE YOU KNOW WHAT OUT OF YOU THREE...wait huh?  Where the crud am I?”  After a few moments, he finally realized where he was and who he was standing in front of.  “Who are you?” The lady on the throne asked John.  “I could ask you the same thing,” John replied, glancing at the three guards that had captured him. “I am John Scurvycastle, General of the Swiss Army. Why am I here?”  “So he is the one,” one of the people who captured him, the girl, had said. “The one you were looking for.”  “So you’re the one who was looking for me?” John asked, looking towards the lady.  “That’s correct. I am Sophia Ashbrook, and I have been looking for you.” The lady, Sophia told John. Then she looked at the three people who had caught him, and said “Gracelyn, go with Bruce and Edward to find Ronald.”

The girl, Gracelyn nodded. “Okay.” That said, the the three people who brought John there in the first place then left the room, leaving just Sophia, John, the guards, and a man who looked similar to John, in the room.          

Titles, Styles, Honours, and ArmsEdit

Titles and StylesEdit

  • 17 July 1710 - 4 February 1739: Mr. John Scurvycastle
  • 4 February 1739 - 24 January 1749: Sir John S. Kroshbon
  • 24 January 1749 - 26 January 1750: Lord Jon Kroshbon, The Count of Valais
  • 26 January 1750 - 18 March 1750: His Excellency, Lord Jon Kroshbon, Count of Valais
  • 18 March 1750 - 18 November 1750: Lord Hammer Colossus
  • 18 November 1750 - 27 December 1750: Lord Jon Kroshbon, Count of Valais
  • 27 December 1750 - present: Lord Jon Kroshbon, Count of Tuttlingen

John unofficially styled himself, Sir Jon S. Kroshbon for most of his life.

Honors and ArmsEdit

  • Knighted by King William II