Lord Azreel Polemos

The official state portrait of Lord Azreel

Prime Minister of Switzerland
29 April 1751 – present

Predecessor: Prince Ryan Kroshbon
King: King Alexander I Kroshbon

Minister of Defense
27 December 1750 – present

Predecessor: Princess Sarah Kroshbon

Duke of Graubunden
18 January 1751 – present

Personal details

Nationality: Swiss
Alma mater: University of Zurich
Profession: Statesman, Politician
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Lord Azreel Polemos the Morningstar () is the current Duke of Graubunden and Prime Minister of Switzerland. Prior to assuming his place as Head of Government, he also served as Minister of Defense in the Cabinet of Prince Ryan Kroshbon. He became Prime Minister after Prince Ryan was impeached by his Cabinet, spearheaded by Lord Azreel as Minister of Defense. He is the 7th Prime Minister of Switzerland.

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