Lady Seraphina Merian


Minister of Citizenship
11 August 1751 – present

Predecessor: Position Established
King: Alexander I of Switzerland

Minister of Home
27 June 1751 – 11 August 1751

Predecessor: Lady Samanta Merian
Successor: Lady Eliza Polemos

Director of Events
19 May 1751 – 27 June 1751

Predecessor: Lady Samanta Merian
Successor: Sir Geldluft Kohleschmied

Duchess of Jura
2 June 1751 – present

Predecessor: Lady Samanta Merian

Personal details

Born: 11 April 1729 (aged 21)
Nationality: Swiss
Political party: Liberal Party
Spouse: Lord Bailey Kroshbon
Alma mater: University of Zurich
Profession: Politician
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Seraphina Merian (11 April 1729) is a Swiss politician, noblewoman, and government official, who currently serves as Minister of Home in the Cabinet of Lord Azreel Polemos. She is a member of the influential Great House, the House of Merian, and has been Duchess of Jura since June 1751.

In July 1751, she would marry fellow Minister, Lord Bailey Kroshbon in a ceremony at the Ruhestatte Schloss in Jura.