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Zurich is a kanton in located in northeast Switzerland, with its capital city being Zurich. Zurich has the 2nd strongest military presense in Switzerland.


  • Population - 1,390,124
  • Military Personal - 39,255
  • Duke - Jozef Kohleschmied

Government Edit

  • Duke of Zurich - Lord Jozef Kohleschmied
  • Count of St. Gallen - Lord Josef Grau
  • Count of Schywz - House Ardmore
  • Count of Lucerne - Lord Wilhelm Kohleschmied
  • Count of Aargau - Lord Jason Mcskull
  • Count of Bassel - Lord Richard Stormward
  • Count of Glarus - Lord Eric Machawk
  • Count of Zug -
  • Count of Thurgau -
  • Count of Shaffhausen -
  • Count of Obwalden -
  • Count of Nidwalden - Lord Solomon Savagefury


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