Bern Edit

Kanton Bern is the most beautiful district in all of Switzerland. It produces the richest chocolate and finest cheese in all the country. Contrary to the military districts of Zurich and Grabunden, Bern has beautiful and fertile lands. And contrary to the scenic district of Jura, Bern possesses a strong militia force as well. Some of the most important places are in this district such as, the Tagsatzung (Legislative center), the STC Headquarters (Economic center), The King's Council (Judicial center), and Berne Abbey (Religious center). Ruling this fine district is the Most Majestic and Honorable Highness, King Alexander.


  • Military Presence ~ 82,000 Infantry, 16,000 Cavalry, and 3,000 Artillery
  • Population ~ 1,468,290 (1745 Census)

Government Edit

  • Duke of Bern - King Alexander Kroshbon
  • Count of Valais - Prince Richard Kroshbon
  • Count of Solothorn - Lord Wolf Kroshbon
  • Archbishop of Switzerland (Bishop of Bern) - Alexander I