House of Merian
Two phoenix and two crescents adorning a shield.
Ready and Faithful.
Dukes of Sardinia
Palazzo Viceregio, Cagliari
Lord Samuel Merian
Sir Wolf Merian
Roman Catholicism
Cadet branches
Date of founding
32 years
Sir Michelo Merian
The House of Merian is one of the Great Houses of Switzerland, being elevated to the Dukes of Sardinia in January 1751, after Lord Gustav Dreadre fled the nation, leaving his wife, Lady Darby Merian, to be elevated to Duchess of Jura. The rule over the Duchy of Sardinia and are vassals only to the royal House of Kroshbon.


The House of Merian was an old and decorated House hailing from the province of Olbia-Tempio in Sardinia, where they acted as faithful minor counts to the rulers of Sardinia for decades. In 1748, following the establishment of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia by Ishmael Emmanuel Decksteel, the Merians bent the knee and declared fealty to the House of Decksteel. During War of the Sardinian Succession, the House of Merian recanted their oaths, however, and swore fealty to the House of Kroshbon, due to the House of Decksteel's attempts to paganize Sardinia. Following the conclusion of the War of Sardinian Succession, and the ratification of the Treaty of Turin (1750), dividing the former Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia between Switzerland and Austria, the House of Merian and the County of Olbia-Tempio were absorbed into the Kingdom of the Swiss. By 1751, the leader of the House was Lady Darby Merian, who was married to Lord Gustav Dreadre, a very influential Swiss politician and the Duke of Jura. When Lord Dreadre fled the Kingdom of the Swiss following a spat with the King, alongside Princess Sarah Kroshbon and leaving his wife, the King elected to have the House of Merian be elevated to Great House status as the Dukes of Sardinia, absorbing Jura into direct rule by the House of Kroshbon.



  • Lady Darby Merian, first Duchess of Sardinia and wife of Lord Gustav Dreadre.
  • {Lady Samantha Merian}, younger sister of Lady Darby. Died in 1751.
  • Lady Elizabeth Merian, younger sister of Lady Darby and wife of Sir Alexander Kohleschmied.
  • Sir Jeremiah Merian, first cousin to Lady Darby and heir following Sir Jei's death.
    • Lady Jasmyn Merian, eldest daughter of Sir Jeremiah.
    • Lady Diana Merian, second daughter of Sir Jeremiah.
  • Lord Samuel Merian, younger brother of Sir Jeremiah and Duke of Sardinia. Chosen as Heir in 1751, due to Jeremiah's ill health.
    • Sir John Merian, eldest son of Lord Samuel and heir.
    • Lady Joan Merian, daughter of Lord Samuel.
  • {Sir Jei Merian}, first cousin to Lady Darby and original heir.
    • Sir Photon Merian, son of Sir Jei.
    • Sir Wolf Merian, youngest son of Sir Jei.
  • Sir Kyle Merian, younger brother of Sir Jei.