Treaty revoked 22 December 1750.

Parties in the TreatyEdit

The Kingdom of the Swiss 320px-Early Swiss cross.svg (King Alexander I)

The Kingdom of Haven Latest (Queen Keira Kinover)


This treaty has been written to establish a Defensive Pact between the nations of the Kingdom of the Swiss and the Kingdom of Haven, proclaiming that these nations are bound to assist eachother against threats, foreign and domestic, if called upon to do so. Understanding that sovereignty and peace time, as well as military strength, is the inherent right of every just nation, this document proclaims that Switzerland and Haven shall be engaged in an eternal cease fire (unless the Pact is broken). It also entitles a Swiss military installation to be formed in Haven.

This document also proclaims that any and all government-imposed barriers placed with the intention of restricting trade shall be abolished on both sides (namely tariffs).

Signatures Edit

The signing of this document officially ratifies the treaty.




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