• King Alexander I

    The Swiss Christmas Ball has been one of the most paramount and anticipated events over the course of the years, since I first declared the Restoration of the Swiss Monarchy in 1747. It has served as a gathering of the most influential members of our community, from Heads of State and Government, to decorated Generals and Admirals, to the Royalty of Europe.

    We look forward to receiving the elite of Europe as we have in the past.

    • WHEN: December 22, 1750 at 6 PM PST
    • WHERE: Governor's Mansion, Port Royal, Poderoso
    • HOST: His Majesty, King Alexander I and Her Highness, Queen Maddison I
    Event Coordination will be handled by the Queen, and her staff
    Dress formally, as screenshots of the event will be taken

    This event is an open event to which anyone, un…

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  • King Alexander I

    1 December 1750

    Koniz, Bern

    In keeping with the policy I adopted two years ago, the term of our current Prime Minister, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, is coming to an end, and elections have been called officially for the fourth time in our nation's history. The Primary polls will open in two days, on December 3rd, and the schedule for the elections will look like this:

    • Dec. 3: Polls open for the primaries.
    • Dec. 7: First Debate between all primary candidates will occur.
    • Dec. 14: Second Debate between all primary candidates will occur.
    • Dec. 15: Primaries will end; General Election will begin between two leading candidates.
    • Dec. 21: First General Election debate.
    • Dec. 28: Second General Election debate.
    • Jan. 2: Polls will be closed and tallied.
    • Jan. 3: Inag…
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  • Faraday Cousins


    October 30, 2017 by Faraday Cousins

    ​Dear CRP community,

    ​For ages, I have been quite the bastard in RP. But this should not be about me. Instead, let be for you. You have had to put up with my bullshit for far too long, and it's made RP pretty fucking retarded for all of you. The time has come for me to retire from the games, discords, and the communities. I have a life to lead and I'm bringing the worst of myself to the table by being involved with you guys. Some of you may already know that I volunteer at a wildlife refuge and am an instructor with an education program in the Pinelands. I am also working full-time and attending school part-time. Aside from that, I am also in the National Society for Leadership and Success. Everything IRL I am doing is so that I can have a …

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  • King Alexander I

    The House of Kroshbon do hereby invite the following to the Marriage of His Majesty, Alexander I, King of the Swiss and Duke of Bern with Lady Maddison Machawk of Great Britain.

    - His Majesty, King Ferdinand Clemente of Spain -

    - His Majesty, King George II of Great Britain -

    - Her Majesty, Queen Keira Kinover-Mar of Egypt -

    - His Highness, Prince Richard Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva -

    - His Highness, Prince Ezequiel Clemente of Spain -

    - His Grace, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Duke of Zurich -

    - His Grace, Lord Gustav Dreadre, Duke of Jura -

    - His Grace, The Duke of Newcastle -

    - His Excellency, Lord William Firewalker, Count of Vaud -

    - The Right Honourable, the Earl Grey -

    - The Right Honourable, the Earl of Portsmouth -

    - The Honorable Sir William Brawl…

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  • King Alexander I

    Swiss Summer Ball

    August 15, 2017 by King Alexander I


    It has been my intention for sometime to hold a end of the summer party to commemorate the various and eventful summer that we have all experienced. I have therefore decided to hold it this friday, in light of most people's return to schooling and other real life activities, which might affect the availability and presence of some. 

    WHERE: Port Royal, Poderoso (meet a Swiss official at the docks to be led to the Ball itself)

    WHEN: Friday, the 18th of August

    TIME: 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST

    The guest list for this exclusive event will comprise of some of the most notable people in the Community. 

    • King Alexander of the Swiss, Duke of Bern
    • Prince Richard Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva
    • Lord William Firewalker, Count of Vaud

    • King Ferdinand Clemente of Sp…

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  • King Alexander I

    By decree of His Majesty, King Alexander the First, By the Grace of God, King of the Swiss and Duke of Bern, Lord Protector of its provinces, Archbishop of All Swiss and Bishop of Bern, Lord Marshal of the Armed Guard, and regally appointed Head of the Royal House of Kroshbon, a Cabinet reshuffle was ordered on the 9th of August 1750.

    A cabinet reshuffle had previously been ordered in March 1750, at the resignation of Prime Minister Jon Kroshbon, however, since then, the June Crisis, recreation of the Armed Guard, and several other factors have led for another reshuffle to be needed. 

    Since the June Crisis, most of the Cabinet positions were de facto left to the King and Prince Richard, however, the resurrgence of the Armed Guard, and the en…

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  • King Alexander I

    Citizens of Switzerland, 

    As your King, it is my great honour to announce to you the establishment of a new age of Swiss dominance. As King of the Swiss, and as rightful Lord Marshal of the Armed Guard, I have issued a Royal Charter for the Armed Guard once more. After nearly six years of allowing the Armed Guard to dwindle into nothingness, it is time for the Swiss to return to its full extent. I present to you, citizens of Switzerland, the reformed Armed Guard. 

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  • King Alexander I

    On the occasion of the eleventh of July in the year of the Lord, seventeen-fifty, an agreement was reached between representatives of the Spanish Syndicate and those of the Swiss Guard. This agreement would layout the foundation for a peace agreement that would seek to aleviate the tensions brought upon by the "June Crisis". This agreement maintained that the Spanish-Swiss Trade Agreement of 1750 would, as now continue to remain both valid and in effect. Furthermore, this opened both the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of the Swiss to the possibility of future cooperation between the states, should each side maintain their promises made at the time of peace.

    The parties to the agreement were:

    The Kingdom of the Swiss (King Alexander I)

    The Spa…

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  • King Alexander I

    Good evening citizens of Switzerland,

    Over the course of this weekend, I have come up to date with the happenings of this week. Unfortunately, there has been a grave betrayal that has left our government in half once again. As such I have dismissed the entire Cabinet effective immediately. Lord Kohleschmied has been given my approval to begin the formation of a new cabinet.

    Through still unconfirmed means, the Spanish government managed to uncover a Swiss contingency plan that would have gone into effect should there come about a war with Denmark. It is believed that Prince Samuel Clemente, the Swiss Minister of State, who was on temporary leave helping new Spanish Premier Leonardo form a government, leaked this information to the Premier. I…

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  • King Alexander I

    • Prime Minister - The second-in-command to the current monarch. He/she typically oversees all Tagsatzung meetings, debates, and other international affairs. The Prime Minister is elected by the people, and is kept in check by Tagsatzung. 
    • Minister of State - The third-in-command to the current monarch. The Minister of State is in-charge of all foreign affairs and presents international issues to the cabinet during their classified meetings. The holder of this position is usually seen at the Prime Minister's side, and is appointed as " Acting Prime Minister " if they are captured.
    • Minister of Defense - The fourth-in-command in the Swiss government, and is responsible for protecting the fatherland and it's other viceroyalties' borders in a time…

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  • John Scurvycastle

    Attention people of the Swiss.  I have recieved word TLOPO is going to expand their servers to the point where Beta keys may no longer be needed to get into to the game which means we can all play it together like the old days.  I hope this project suceeds since this was a very enjoyable game in my childhood at least and hope it was as enjoyable to the rest of you back then.  Me and the King hope to see you all at this meeting.  

    • Thursday, March 9th
    • Time: After 6:00 pm PST

    • His Majesty, King Alexander I, Duke of Bern
    • Lord Jon Kroshbon, Prime Minister, Head of the House of Commons, Count of Valais
    • Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Minister of the Interior, Head of the House of Lords, Duke of Zurich, Chief Advisor to the King
    • Lord Josef Grau, Duke of Jura, …

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  • John Scurvycastle
    • Prime Minister- Sir Jon S. Kroshbon
    • Minister of State/Foreign Affairs- Sir Jon S. Kroshbon
    • Minister of Defense- Sir Jon S. Kroshbon
    • Minister of Finance- Giovanni de' Medici
    • Minister of Interior- Joseph CoalSmythe

    Keep in mind: As of this moment I will be flexible to the members of my cabinet if they want to trade roles with one another IF needed due to activity or other sorts of reasons that may come along the lines. Any changes that are wished to be made must be brought up to me or the King.

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  • John Scurvycastle

    Jon S. Kroshbon's Secondary Elections Speech of 1750

    Hello to all of you my fellow people.  As you all know I am General Jon Scurvycastle Kroshbon of the Swiss.  I know you will be asking, why should I be your prime minister? Well let me tell you, for years I have been loyal to the Swiss without question unless necessary.  I have solemnly sworn to myself to work hard and do everything in my power to insure the safety of, my people along with helping them out with what they need.  I have been around other countries as well and each of them have great leaders which I am grateful for.  I hope to work with these countries in the future and settle issues that may happen between them since I have skills of diplomacy along with help them in times …

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  • King Alexander I

    13 January 1750

    Koniz, Bern

    In keeping with the policy I adopted a year ago, the term of our current Prime Minister, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, is coming to an end, and elections have been called officially for the third time in our nation's history. The Primary polls will open tonight, and the schedule for the elections will look like this:

    • Jan. 12: Polls open for the primaries.
    • Jan. 15: First debate between all candidates will occur.
    • Jan. 18: Primaries will end; General Election will begin between two leading candidates.
    • Jan. 22: Second debate between the two GA candidates.
    • Jan. 25: Polls will be closed and tallied.
    • Jan. 26: Inaguration Day, the winner will take office as Prime Minister.

    All debates will be administered by General Antoin Herman.

    • Jos…

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  • King Alexander I

    16 October 1749

    Castle Koniz, Bern, Switzerland

    Over the course of this last week, there has been a largely divided public on the outcome of the Beckett v. Venables case, which resulted in the conviction of Rose Beckett, Queen-Consort of Spain, sentenced to 3 months of imprisonment under the charges of battery and assault. Richard Venables, Statsminister of Denmark, was cleared of all charges based on lack of evidence.

    Though perhaps you may claim that given Lady Beckett's status, Lord Grey would have no right to pursue charges against his attackers, this is false. In Switzerland, if you commit a crime, such as attempted murder, you will be tried. Our Justice system is fair and absolute. Diplomatic immunity is of course given to members of gov…

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  • Rose Beckett


    August 21, 2016 by Rose Beckett

    All members of Koniz are invited to a ball at 10 pm tonight. It will be on Por Britain.

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  • Ronold Cobens

    Kiev, Ukraine Province

    June 18, 1749

    Many of you know me, many of you don't. I was once a freedom fighter, but was severely injured by the imperialists nearly a year ago. I have spent the better part of the year recovering from my injuries, and contemplating life and where I have come with the Sarunu Order. In the course of my thoughts, I have continued to notice and ackowledge the evils of imperialism. Great Britain, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire. Imperialistic nations with one goal in mind; domination. To the people of the world: these men you have put in power, they're animals. They think nothing of you, nor your kin and have but one goal in mind, to consolidate their power and spread it around to increase th…

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  • JosephCoalSmythe

    My friends, peers, and associates, it has been nearly three years since the last time the Swiss Parliament had been called together to meet in Bern. Since then, much as happened, and there is much that needs to be discussed. That is why the King and I have decided that it is finally time to call upon all the members of the Swiss Parliament once more to discuss the future of our great nation. The exact date and time have not been specified yet. There are many things that we must decide upon, but we will discuss these matters in detail during the meeting.

    • Time - 6:00pm CST
    • Date - Sunday, June 26th

    • His Majesty, King Alexander I, Duke of Bern
    • Lord Jozef Kohleschmied, Prime Minister of Switzerland, Duke of Zurich, Chief Advisor to the King
    • Lord Jon …

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  • JosephCoalSmythe

    After an interesting first debate, the top candidates go as followed.

    • Lord Jozef Kohleschmied - 47%
    • Sir Mathieu Pitcairn - 32%
    • Sir John Scurvycastle - 10.5%
    • Sir William Keelspinner - 10.5%

    • Jozef Kohleschmied - up 6% from pre-debate polls.
    • Sir William Keelspinner - up 5% from pre-debate polls.

    • Sir Mathieu Pitcairn - down 2% from pre-debate polls
    • Sir John Scurvycastle - down 10% from pre-debate polls


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  • JosephCoalSmythe

    Hello people of Switzerland,

    Here is a brief overview of my platform for the upcoming elections.

    • Strengthening of our relations with the Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
    • Expansion and modernization of the Swiss Military
    • Increased relations with the Republic of Genoa
    • Opening of a Swiss seaport within Genoese territory to expand the STC's economic reach
    • Increased trade with Genoa
    • Strengthing of our borders to stop intrusions from foreign powers
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  • The 7th Master

    Fellow Swiss men and women,

    I have been with your great nation for many decades. I've seen 3 great kings come and go. However, long since has it been that many of you saw the fair treatment you deserve for your kinship and loyalty. This is why I run for Prime Minister, or Premier. It is time that you all recieved fair taxes, fair wage and equal rights under the law! One of the causes for the inequality is the corruption that ran rampant many years prior, to whose effects we still feel! Stand by me, Switzerland, and we shall endure! Stand up to the inequality!

    • Raise income by 7% and raise minimum wage to SF 3
    • Pass legislation allowing equal opportunity and pay for women and minorities in all sectors, including military
    • Improve the medical secto…

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  • King Alexander I

    17 January 1749

    Koniz, Bern

    The First Annual Prime Minister elections of my rule have begun. With serveral candidates already announcing their intention to run, we have a full house. Election day will be February 7, and polls will go up this Wednesday, the 20th. The process will work as the following: 

    • Jan. 20 - The Primaries will go into affect, citizens can vote their favourite of the four candidates.
    • Jan. 21 - The First Debate will be held between all the candidates
    • Jan. 25 - The Primaries end, and the Main Election begins. Voting goes up for the top two candidates. 
    • Jan. 28 - The Debate between the top two candidates will be held. 
    • Jan. 31 - Election Day, the winner will be announced and inagurated. 

    All debates will be administered by User:Ge…

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  • Captain Richard Venables

    This is Captain Richard Venables,

    I'm sorry to bother you and all while your celebrating your little victory, but you've got about 24 hours to surrender Koniz to British Forces who shall be arriving there or I'm going to rain hell down upon you. I'm going to smite you so hard that nothing will remain except a smouldering crater and your miserable lives will be forfeit.

    I'm a fair man, I've faced worse than you and shown mercy, but I will show no mercy or negotiate with terrorists. You have my ultimatum, surrender or i'll blow your arses off.

    Venables Out.

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  • Sebastian Spark

    The Queen shall be returning this weekend, and I shall end my temporary premiership. Thus, we must hold a celebration to honor our queen's return from the homelands. I propose that this be held at 9 PM Mountain Time on Saturday night. 

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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    Friends, Family and noble Kopf Alexander,

    I regret to inform you I have decided to stick to Britain, even if I am demoted, I shall prove to them my worth.

    I thank you all for your friendship and family, but I made a promise once to my mentor, Sir Matthew Blastshot, I promised, I would make him proud, that I would never give up and I won't. I will not run from this new challenge but rise to it. This is my chance to truely earn my promotions, not just have them Given to me to fill empty shoes, to actually prove myself.Thank you Kopf Alexander and Mathieu for your loyalty and friendship, but my path lies with Britain. I commit my life now to the Royal Navy, and my soul to the father of understanding, who I know shall guide my footsteps. 


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