Battle of Nice (1749)
Part of Swiss Invasion of Piedmont
Date 11 August, 1749
Location Nice, Italy
Result Swiss Victory over the Sardinian Garrison

Switzerland captures Nice and the surrounding area

900px-Savoyard flag.svg Kingdom of Sardinia SwitzerlandFlag Kingdom of the Swiss
Commanders and leaders
900px-Savoyard flag.svg King Ishmael Decksteel I SwitzerlandFlag Sir Giovanni de' Medici
Units involved
16,296 (2,296 NTW) 40,176 (2,176 NTW)
Casualties and losses
13,460 (1,956 NTW) 10,981 (1,345 NTW)

The Battle of Nice was the third battle of the Swiss Invasion of Piedmont. It consisted of the Swiss Invasion force of 40,000 men under the command of Sir Giovanni de' Medici, and the Nice garrison of 16,000 men, what remained from the Second Siege of Turin, under the command of King Ishmael Emmanuel Decksteel. The battle was a strategic victory for the Swiss as they outnumbered the Sardinians almost 3 to 1. King Ishmael narrowly escaped the battle with 3,000 men at his heel and fled across the sea back to the island of Sardinia. Giovanni moved his men into Nice and the Swiss Invasion of Piedmont was declared complete.